10 Warning Signs of Dehydration You Should Know About

10 Warning Signs of Dehydration You Should Know About

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In case you feel thirsty from time to time, it means that you don’t drink enough water, but if you’re constantly dehydrated, you must be aware of it. Water dehydration has some really bad effects on our complete health.

You must make sure to drink enough water throughout the whole day. We lose water from our body doing everyday tasks and we might not even be aware of it.

Water comprises about 2/3 of our body. It improves our digestion, helps us have lubricated joints, improves the health of our skin and eliminates any toxin or waste.

People who have an increased risk of dehydration are athletes, burn victims as well as diabetics.

In today’s article, we’re presenting you 10 of the most warning signs that will show you if you suffer from dehydration!

1. Heart Palpitations

In case of dehydration, the balance of sugar, salts and minerals in our body becomes upset. This affects all of our organs.

Decreased levels of sugar as well as decreased potassium are some things that can cause the appearance of heart palpitations. They usually appear when the lower (ventricules) or upper chambers (atria) of our heart have premature contractions.

Abnormal heart rhythm also appears because of decreased levels of magnesium which may appear because of diarrhea or excessive sweating.

2. Bad Breath

Good amounts of saliva are produced when we drink water as much as we should. It helps us prevent our teeth from any disease, decay and eliminates any food particle.

Dehydration doesn’t make us produce enough saliva which causes the spreading of bacteria that later cause bad breath to appear.

When our mouth is dry, we become more susceptible to periodontal disease and faster tooth decay.

3. Food Cravings

People crave for sweets, but also for salty snacks. We should make sure we avoid the intake of junk food and consume more peaches, kiwi and watermelon instead. They are abundant in water. Vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers are also good.

In case you aren’t a person who drinks water, consume more vegetables and fruits.

4. Painful Muscles And Joints

There are among 65 and 80% of water in our cartilage. If we don’t hydrate ourselves, our bones may start grinding which will inflame them and we’ll feel great pain.

Dehydration can cause decreased levels of magnesium which causes pain and cramps in our muscles. Try to consume more avocado as well as dark leafy greens so that you can have good mineral and water levels.

5. Headaches

We have a fluid sack around our brain so that it doesn’t bump against our skull. It helps us avoid damage whenever we run or walk.

In case this sack becomes somehow reduced, the weight of our brain will be on our skull which is what mostly causes the appearance of bad headaches.

When we’re dehydrated, we have less glucose, oxygen and blood supply to our brain. This is also a common cause for headaches. Whenever you feel a headache, try drinking more water as you might be dehydrated. Don’t just reach for an Advil instantly!

6. Poor Digestion And Constipation

Food inside our body is broken down with the help of water. We also absorb more nutrients that are soluble in water, especially vitamin C.

The food waste that is about to be processed inside our kidneys offers water to our large intestine.

It only uses water as much as it needs so that it can make our stool of a proper consistency, but, in case of dehydration, it will use more water so that it doesn’t lose fluids. Our stool becomes hard which causes the appearance of constipation.

7. Lethargy And Fatigue

When we lose fluids, we have an increased blood pressure as well as decreased blood volume. We’ll need more energy supplied with nutrients and oxygen so that our muscles, skin and brain could work well which makes our heart expanded. It can cause the appearance of feeling sleepy and tired.

There was a particular study which proved that women who didn’t drink enough water had lower results in the questionnaires about their mood.

They couldn’t work well, they were confused and very tired whenever they were dehydrated. There were similar results in men, too.

8. Dark Urine

If we want to have a proper balance of fluids in our body, we need to have healthy kidneys. If we drink water as we should, we’ll have urine that is clear yellow in color. The kidneys then have enough water so that they can eliminate any toxin from our body.

But, a dark urine signifies that we don’t drink enough water, so our minerals as well as our blood pressure can’t be maintained properly. A dark colored urine means that we’re full of toxins.

When we’re exposed to toxins for a long time, our kidneys will start producing kidney stones.

9. Dry Lips And Skin

We have about 30% of water in our skin. It is resilient, elastic and plump.

We also have an oil in our skin which holds the water so that it can’t evaporate. But, being exposed to some skin infections, heat, dry air or too much showering will cause greater water evaporation, so our skin will be itchy and dry.  

Internal dehydration causes loss of fluid content in our skin cells and it later causes fluid retention in our internal organs.

If we start drinking more water every day, our skin will be more dense and thick.

10. Brain Fog

Unfortunately, lack of water or dehydration also causes cognitive functioning problems and mood swings.

Some of the problems which might appear are: decreased psychomotor skills, arithmetic ability, short-term memory, visuomotor tracking, perceptual discrimination etc.

We might also feel high or low energy, exhaustion, anger or confusion.


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