11 Reasons Why You Should Consume Beetroot Every Day!

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You know what beets are, right? That veggie that your mother has been forcing you to eat since you were a child is among the healthiest vegetables on Earth. With a nutrient-dense and rich profile of nutrients, beets can significantly improve your blood profile and your overall health too. Aside from vitamins and minerals, there are antioxidants, anthocyanins, betalain, carotenoids, and other powerful and rare compounds in beets which make the veggie so powerful.

Eating beets regularly is the simplest way of keeping your health in check. Our diet plays a major part in our health. What we eat has a pretty high impact on the work of all our organs and the balance of chemicals and fluids in the body. A light, vegetable-rich diet is recommended by doctors as a way of keeping our health in check with beets sitting on top of the veggie list.

Here’s why you need to eat more beets:

1. Great for Your Digestive Health

Beets are full of dietary fiber which is great for your digestion. Eating beets regularly can prevent constipation and a whole range of other digestive problems such as indigestion.

2. Relax Your Blood Vessels

Beets are full of nitrate, a mineral which is converted to nitric oxide in the body. Nitrate oxide is the perfect way to boost your blood flow and prevent circulation problems. If you’re suffering from this problem, beets are the best natural way of fixing it.

3. Help Relieve Menstrual Problems

Thanks to the rich presence of vitamin B9 beets can regulate your menstrual periods. The vegetable can also bring your hormones back in order and in that way prevent several menstrual problems. Additionally, it is also rich in iron, which can help with the fatigue and anxiety that strike in cases of hormonal imbalance.

4. Boost the Health of your Liver

As we already mentioned, beets are full of betalain, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can detoxify your liver. Beets are one of the best natural remedies for your liver. Eating them regularly will prevent a variety of problems with this important organ and support its function.

5. They Keep Your Skin Healthy and Radiant

Did you know that beets are among the best and simplest “remedies” for your skin? The rich vitamin profile can regenerate your skin and keep it glowing, while also keeping it flexible.

6. Great for Bodybuilders and Athletes

Eating beets will improve your endurance and stamina and boost your muscle strength. The vegetable will enrich your blood flow with iron and feed your muscles with important nutrients, effectively increasing their strength. Instead of a bottle of water, take beet juice with you and drink it during your next workout. You can thank us later.

7. Prevent Development of Cancer Cells

Although science hasn’t been able to confirm it 100%, beets and beet juice have shown they have the power to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and in that way stop cancer. For example, a recent study found out that leukemia is basically powerless if fought with a combination of beet and carrot juice. Of course, there’s no solid medical evidence behind this claim, but at least it’s a natural remedy that shouldn’t harm your health.

8. Prevent Oxidative Stress

The alpha-lipoic acid found in beets can prevent oxidative stress in the body, in that way preventing a variety of diseases and conditions. At the same time, beets can improve your cells’ insulins sensitivity, effectively reducing the risk of diabetes.

9. Support Your Immune System

The high amounts of vitamin C in beets will support your immune system and respiratory health as well. Beets will help your body fight foreign invaders and keep your health in order.

10. May Improve Your Mental Health

Latest studies have shown that the high tryptophan content in beets can significantly improve your mood and mental health as well. This amino acid aids in relaxation and can reduce stress, which is the source of numerous mental problems.

11. Greatly Reduce Blood Pressure

Drinking beet juice is the easiest way of reducing high blood pressure. It’s all because of the nitrates – they can dilate your blood vessels and allow better blood flow, reducing your blood pressure almost instantly.

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