117 Year Old Woman Was Proof If You Want A Long, Happy Life, You Don’t Need A Man

117 Year Old Woman Was Proof If You Want A Long, Happy Life, You Don't Need A Man

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We all grow old one day, hopefully, we have the fondest of memories  when we get there.

Yes life throw unpleasantness at us at times, but despite it all, there must be some happiness left over. Right?

As it turns out, the oldest woman to date has revealed her secret to a long, happy life: stay away from guys!

Born in 1899 in Italy, she’s the oldest known person to have lived through 3 separate centuries and I’d say if we were taking life advice from anyone, it should be her. Sadly, Emma Morano passed away in April 2017, at the ripe old age of 117!

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Not remaining single her entire life, she has been the wife, and mother we would all have expected. She however left her abusive husband in 1938 after her infant son sadly passed away.

She said that since then, it’s been her rolling solo and she absolutely loved it, enjoying her independence and the total freedom that came with it.

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She truly was living proof that you don’t NEED a guy to be happy, even though the idea of spending our lives without someone by our sides sounds lonely, Moran is proof that remaining single  long-term is not only possible, but for some, preferable and she doesn’t seem to have come out suffering at all – in fact I’d say she’s thriving.

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If you’re single and feeling desperately lonely, let her be a reminder that life can be great, even without a man by your side. You have time to do so many amazing things when you’re not focusing on someone else. The world truly is yours for the taking, so get out there and grab life by the horns!

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