12 Plants For Bedroom That Improve Sleep Quality And Treat Insomnia

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Having a sleepless night decreases the quality of our life: we’re less productive, we have less energy and more mood swings and our health starts to deteriorate. Lack of sleep mostly appears because of bad quality of the air inside, mold, pollution, stress, anxiety etc.

There are some indoor pollutants that affect our health negatively: carbon monoxide, TCE (trichloroethylene), formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, benzene disinfectants, pesticides, radon, etc. They all cause the appearance of headaches, allergies, fatigue, cancer, disorders of the nervous system, and even death!

Luckily, we can improve the quality of the air we breathe as well as our sleep by bringing some plants and flowers inside which will purify the air and make us feel relaxed.

Plants use the process of photosynthesis to convert the bad carbon dioxide in some fresh oxygen. Any toxin from the air we breathe becomes eliminated.

There were some researches in 1989 done by NASA which managed to prove that indoor plants eliminate benzene and formaldehyde known to be able to cause cancer. Also, the soil microorganisms have a great role in cleaning the air.

So, why do you need air purifiers when you have the best ones which are natural? The best plants are the big ones with more leaves.

12 Plants For Bedroom That Improve Sleep

Here’s a list supported by NASA which offers you the best and the most powerful air-cleansing plants that will purify the air you breathe and decrease your stress!

1. Aloe Vera

People from ancient Egypt called it the “Plant of immortality” because it is abundant in health properties. During the night period, it releases oxygen which helps you sleep better and purifies the air you breathe.

2. English Ivy

This is a plant which can be grown easily, but you need to be sure that your pets or children don’t touch it, because it is toxic to them. Any symptom of asthma and allergy becomes improved and you also improve the quality of your sleep. Studies show that English ivy can eliminate 78% of the airborne mold and 94% of the airborne feces in 12 hours only!

3. Golden Pothos

It’s an amazing air-purification plant. Its leaves have the shape of a heart and they ae marbled. You can also use it as a hanging plant that will help you prevent your children and pets from touching it.  

4. Gardenia

The plant is filled with scented blossoms and evergreen leaves that are glossy. It will relieve the anxiety and help you sleep better.

5. Jasmine

The blossoms of jasmine are ivory and pink with a very soothing aroma. Having it in your bedroom will help you be more productive during the day, more alert, decrease your anxiety and improve your sleep.

6. Lavender

This is among the most popular plants which relieve stress which helps you sleep better, decreases your blood pressure etc. It is also good for crying babies. Lavender is good because it also decreases your REM (rapid-eye- movement) sleep and makes you have better and more peaceful light sleep.

7. Bamboo Palm

It’s a small, but very powerful plant. It eliminates any airborne toxin and smell, but it also helps you have purified air. It will fill your room with fresh air that will improve the quality of your sleep very soon.

8. Gerber Daisies

These flowers can be found in white, yellow, orange and bright pink color. They help you against apnea, allergies and your mood becomes improved. They release a lot of oxygen during the night period.

9. Spider Plant

It is considered to be the most powerful air-cleansing plant because it is able to eliminate almost 90% of all of the formaldehyde that causes cancer. Spider plant can also absorb odors and fumes. It increases the levels of oxygen in your bedroom, so the quality of your sleep becomes improved instantly.

10. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Snake Plant)

This is also a very powerful air-cleansing plant. It cleans the air by absorbing any dangerous carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during the night period, so your sleep becomes improved instantly as the air is cleansed.  

11. Valerian

Valerian is known to be a perennial flowering plant that has scented flowers in white or pink. It has even been used in ancient Rome. There are documents which show that the Roman philosopher and physician Galen gave it to his patients against insomnia. Inhale its scent and you’ll fall asleep faster and better.

12. Peace Lily

Any potentially harmful toxin like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene become eliminated with the help of peace lily. It will also help you eliminate any airborne microbe known to cause allergy or irritation and increase the humidity in your bedroom.

Make sure you remember these tips:
  • You need to wipe the leaves of any plant every week so that the air can be filtered
  • According to NASA, you can have from 15 to 18 air-purifying plants in an area of 1.800 square feet . Several of them can be put in every bedroom.
  • Protect your family by checking if the plants you choose are toxic.


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