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Hamamelis virginiana is the North American witch-hazel shrub also known as witch hazel. It is mostly used as an astringent and applied topically and is obtained from the leaves as well as the bark of this shrub. It has been used by the Native Americans for numerous years because it’s full of medicinal benefits. The plant’s parts can be also boiled and used against tumors as well as skin irritations.  People use it throughout the whole world as a toner or natural cleanser, but this amazing shrub has to be praised for many more uses than this.

That’s why, we’ve decided to present you 14 of the best uses in order to improve your beauty, home as well as the complete health!

1. Natural Astringent

This is one of the most famous uses. It contains great amounts of tannins, so it can help you decrease pores and eliminate the excess of oil. People who come into contact with environmental pollutants can use it on their face and decrease any blemishes as well as pores infected with contaminants. Witch hazel is especially good against blackheads.

2. Blemishes & Fade Bruises

As we have already said, you can use witch hazel to treat blemishes anywhere on your body and face. Put some lotion on a cotton ball and add it to eliminate acne and different kind of inflammation. You can also use it against discoloration like bruises.

3. Eliminate Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Witch hazel is amazing for skin tightening, so the puffiness of the dark circles which appear under your eyes can be treated easily. You just have to make sure you avoid your eyes, because they may become very dry and cause great pain.

4. Decrease Swollen Veins

Apply some witch hazel on a soft cloth  and put it over any area with varicose veins to decrease the pain and stop the swelling. The increased blood pressure in the veins will be decreased instantly.

5. Stop Bleeding

Heal your skin faster with witch hazel! Use it on scrapes as well as minor cuts. Witch hazel that can be found in the stores is full of isoproply alcohol, so many people use it as a disinfectant to cleanse wounds before they bandage them.

6. Post Hair-removal

Use witch hazel after shaving. Men and women can use it too. It prevents the bleeding and has an anti-inflammatory properties. It can be also used after waxing.

7. Hemorrhoid Relief

It can be really painful to experience hemorrhoids, but now their bleeding, swelling, itching and pain can be decreased with the help of witch hazel. It can often be seen as a part of the hemorrhoid creams sold in pharmacies. You can also prepare it at home by combining some Aloe Vera gel and a bit of witch hazel. Use it on the areas of problem and the relief will appear very soon.

8. Against A Sore Throat

As we have already mentioned, witch hazel is full of astringent properties. Use some natural witch hazel to prepare a cup of tea, but don’t buy it from the stores. It has to be natural. This tea is amazing against your sore throat. Use it to gargle and all the excess of mucus will be eliminated, swelling decreased and any throat malady will be alleviated: tonsillitis, sinusitis or laryngitis.

9. Treat Damaged Gums

Use a concoction made of natural witch hazel to decrease the swelling and the pain from your irritated gums. Any bleeding will also disappear. You can also use it to alleviate the pain from any wisdom teeth which are emerging as well as after an oral surgery.

10. Against Swimmer’s Ear

‘Swimmer’s Ear’ or as it’s also called Otitus externa appears when the ear canal contains a microbial infection. Put several drops using an eye dropper to eliminate any wax, oil, pus etc. which may be inside your ear canal and clogging it. Let it dry well and then use a cotton swab to clean it. Put some anti-microbial afterwards: tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar or basil oil.

11. Soothe Diaper Rash

Diaper rash can be easily alleviated with the help of witch hazel since it’s full of anti-inflammatory properties. If you use it regularly, the damaged skin will heal faster.

12. Cool Down Sunburn

Combine some Aloe Vera gel with witch hazel and use it on your sunburns. Your skin will be healed and cooled down. It won’t even peel afterwards!

13. Eliminate Contact Dermatitis

Witch hazel helps you against itching and drying. It can be used against contact dermatitis caused by poison sumac, poison oak, poison ivy as well as urushiol, a plant compound which irritates the skin.

14. Bug Stings And Bites

Use witch hazel against bug stings and bug bites. You can take it when you go outdoors and spend a day without itching!

Prepare Some Witch Hazel At Home!

This is super easy!

You need:
  • Pure grain alcohol
  • ½ a pound of witch hazel bark
  • Some distilled water
  • Strainer
  • Stock pot

Take the pot and add the witch hazel in it.

Add the distilled water inside. You need a quantity that will cover the witch hazel.

Add the lid over the pot.

Let the water boil.

Decrease the heat. Leave it to simmer for 20 minutes.

Put the pot aside and let it cool down well.

Use a strainer to strain it.

Combine the tea with half of the amount of pure grain alcohol.

The mixture should be stored in a cool place. You can keep it for 2 years max.

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