15 Minutes Of Walking On A Daily Basis Can Change Your Body Drastically

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As you’re surely aware, regular exercise has a variety of benefits for our health. Apart from helping you slim down, it has an impact on our mental health as well. However, rarely anyone has the time to hit the gym regularly. We all need something easier, and the answer has been hiding in plain sight.

Several recent scientific studies showed that walking for only 15 minutes per day can actually add about 7 years to our life. The study included a hundred participants aged 30-65, with those that walked for 15 minutes or more per day looking and feeling much better. This is great news for all of us. Adding walking into our tight daily schedule is actually pretty easy and everything we need to stay healthy and slim.

Great for our Heart

A study conducted at the University of Harvard showed that walking for 15 minutes a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 22% and the risk of coronary artery disease by nearly 20%. It also relieves the risk of stroke which ultimately improves our lifespan, since the lower risk of heart problems means lower risk of premature death.

And it’s not all just about the heart. As it turns out, walking has great benefits for our mental health as well and also improves our brain function. Here are some of its main health benefits:

Instantly Improves Your Mood

According to one study, a silent 20-minute walk every day will help clear your thoughts and instantly improve your mood.  Over time, you’ll be much calmer which will help you deal with anger easier.

Improves Cognitive Performance

Yet another study done on walking found that 15-20-minute walks can boost the cognitive performance of children and adults as well.

Improves Mobility and Reduces Pain

According to an article released by the American Heart Association, walking every day can cut down the risk of peripheral artery disease and improve your mobility.

Relieves High Blood Pressure

Walking every day will keep your cardiovascular system and your blood pressure in check. In this way, it can prevent a variety of problems.

Regulates Digestion

Start walking more every day and your digestion will thank you. Walking utilizes your core and abs, instantly improving your digestion.

May Help in the Prevention of Diabetes

Although it can’t treat diabetes, walking will reduce the risk of the disease by about 30%. It will also melt your abdominal fat, which is one of the main risk factors for diabetes.

Improves Your Bone Health

Moving more will strengthen your muscles and bones, reducing the risk of fractures, osteoporosis, and spine problems as well. Walking will improve your bone density and make your bones harder and you stronger.

Improves Longevity

Many studies have shown that a short walk or two every day can improve your health on many levels and eventually improve your longevity. Studies have found that a 20-minute walk reduces the risk of premature death by 7%, so imagine what more walking can do for your health.

When walking, wear comfortable shoes and walk on flat surfaces. Climbing hills is great for burning fat, but in the beginning, stick to the easier option. Keep your posture straight as well to reduce the strain on your back.

To start moving more, start walking to school or work and take the stairs more often. Go for a walk after lunch and walk with your friends to make things more enjoyable.


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