21 Day Anxiety Challenge

21 Day Anxiety Challenge

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What is Anxiety?

Stress gets to everyone these days. It’s just impossible to shield yourself from it. We live in highly stressful and insecure times, and our lives have turned into one rushing mess. No matter how good you navigate around stress, you can’t escape from the fact that it will affect you every once in a while (at least).

Everyone has special triggers for stress. Some are stressed by aging, others are stressed by work. Some are stressed about lack of money, while others are under stress because of the insecure times we live in. No matter what it is, we all need to learn how to deal with stress, as it’s really a silent killer.

When stress takes over, anxiety sets in. Anxiety isn’t a condition itself. It’s more of an emotion that manifests with internal turmoil often caused by external triggers. The unpleasant feeling of dread can be characterized as anxiety. Don’t mistake it with fear, though – it’s not a response to an immediate threat, but to a future one.

The problem with anxiety is that it’s hard to shake off. However, let it set in nicely into your psyche, and you’re doomed to experience even bigger problems.

Three-Week Anxiety Challenge

The good news about anxiety is that you can do a lot to stop or prevent it. Below you can see a 3-week anxiety challenge that will get rid of all the doubts in your mind and clear your head. It will take a lot of sacrifice, but stick to it and you’ll feel much better in only 21 days.

Week 1

Daily Mantra

Starting your day with a mantra can clear your mind up. Just think – what makes you angry and anxious? Use that mantra to clear the clouds away every morning and you’ll start the day on the right foot.


Meditation can help a lot against anxiety. You can meditate in a peaceful space or turn some music on and relax. Whatever makes it work for you. Trust us – 15 minutes of meditation per day will clear your head like nothing else.

Deep Breathing

Although some are not exactly sure if it helps, deep breathing is a technique recommended by the biggest yoga gurus in the world. Master it and you won’t feel so unpleasant the next time anxiety kicks in.

Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary of your feelings and emotions can be helpful in trying to navigate your way around anxiety. At the end of each day, write an entry about how it went. What made you angry, nervous, happy…putting your thoughts on paper can actually be more therapeutic than you think.

Set Goals

Setting up a goal for the three-week challenge is also helpful. It can be anything – weight loss, finishing that book you’ve never had the time to or something else. Set a goal and you’ll be finished before you know it.

Week 2

Make Plans

In order to keep stress out of your life, organize your days. You don’t need to plan each minute of your day, but you can plan your whole week. Do what makes you happy and you should avoid those stress-triggers.


Once your calendar is filled up for the next week or two, start prioritizing. Some things are just much more important than others, so do them first. What’s making you the happiest? Put it on top of the list and work from there.


No, we’re not kidding. Once you’ve prioritized stuff on your calendar, start slapping colorful notes on the days ahead. It has been scientifically confirmed to calm down nerves, so it won’t hurt to try it.

Stay Hydrated

Staying properly hydrated will help you avoid stress. It will keep you calm and collected and help you focus on your goals. That’s exactly what you need to keep stress out.

Week 3

Social Media Break

This is probably the hardest part, but it’s necessary. Taking a break from all your social media profiles will “hurt” at first, but it’ll be great for your mind. Just put your phone down and enjoy the silence. It will be worth it.

Hot Baths

A hot bath with essential oils is just the thing you need after a hard day at work. Try lavender oil – it will calm your nerves down and help you clear your thoughts.

Go Outside

Anxiety usually kicks in when you’re home alone. Don’t give it that pleasure – just go outside and hang out with the right people. Or just put your headphones on and go on a relaxing walk while listening to your favorite tunes.

Hang Out with the Crowd!

If you stay at home alone, you won’t be able to defeat anxiety. You need to surround yourself with happy and positive people that will get your energy up. Whenever you’re lonely at home, anxiety will set in. If you want to relax and de-stress, hanging out with your favorite crowd is a must.

If you’re set on completing the challenge, you’ll be a better and calmer person in 21 days. Congratulations – you’ve shown anxiety the middle finger.


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