5 Areas of Work in which you can use your nutrition coach certification


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You just finished your nutrition course and you wonder what you can do with your nutrition certification, which you’ve been so bothered to get? Nutrition is an interesting and non-saturated branch, which has a plethora of professional choices.

The theoretical knowledge you acquired during your studies is a powerful tool for your integration into the professional branch of nutrition.

The above combined with the skills you have acquired through your internship in food institutions and nursing institutions, that is, in real working conditions, as well as with the appropriate preparation you have received, in order to enter the space, make you a worthy candidate for this industry and ready to join in one of the following areas.

Areas of work


As a graduate of a Nutrition Course, you can work in the educational field, either as a lecturer in Universities and Colleges or as a researcher in research canters, conducting research on the science of nutrition.

Hospital care

Employment in public or private hospitals is an equally important option for graduates, as they will be able to provide patients with advice on nutritional issues, but also to undertake patients with serious health problems, like losing a lot of weight.


As freelancers, nutrition graduates can open their own office in order to serve patients with more specialized issues, by taking out a personal nutritionist program. They can still work as employees in dietetic offices, centers, and institutes.


In the field of sports nutrition, many dieticians and nutritionists are employed, particularly in sports federations, clubs and gyms, in order to prepare athletes for the matches with proper diet programs and On the other hand to inform people who exercise the value of proper nutrition.

Food industry

The nutritionist’s contribution to the food manufacturing industry is particularly important as it undertakes food safety and therefore consumers. It focuses on issues of nutritional value, correct production, and labeling of foods and the production of new and innovative products to the consumer.

Other areas

The graduates of nutrition courses can still work in municipal or community services, such as nurseries and camps, shaping the children’s nutrition program and providing them with information, in nursing homes As well as hotels for customers who deserve special attention.

If you are interested in Nutrition Careers and would like to know more information about the curriculum and the content of these departments, visit nestacertified.com and obtain your NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification.

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