8 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

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Our BMI (Body Mass Index) is constantly on the rise and it’s not hard to see why. We live in a terrible, junk food-obsessed world that lets obesity run wild. Additionally, we’re less and less physically active each year, putting our health in grave danger. We don’t have the time to walk or exercise, we constantly find excuses not to eat healthy, and we don’t even sleep as we should anymore. All of it is taking a toll on our health and destroying our bodies from the inside out.

The solution to obesity and a normal BMI has actually been right in front of our nose. Walking is actually key to lower body mass index and perfect health. Just 30 minutes of it per day has stunning effects on our health and weight that no one was aware of until recently. Taking a walk will relax your body and mind and provide a variety of surprising benefits, all of which contribute toward better health.

Here are 8 things that will happen once you start walking more:

Weight Loss

One of the greatest benefits of 30-minute (or more) daily walks is obviously weight loss. Make walking a routine activity and you’ll start losing weight faster than ever. If it becomes a routine for you, walking will keep you in shape. Pair it with a healthy diet and the results will be even better.

Lowers the Risk of Anxiety and Depression

A 30-minute walk to work or later in the evening can refresh your mind and help you relax, effectively lowering the risk of anxiety and depression. Just plug your headphones in and go for a stroll in the park – it will calm you down instantly and fight depression in the long run.

Supports Your Immune System

When you’re fit, your body is better suited to fight germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you’re not moving enough, your immune system will actually be weaker, unable to defend your body from a variety of illnesses.

May Prevent Certain Types of Cancer

Although we’re in no way claiming that walking can prevent cancer, scientific studies have revealed that 3 hours of jogging per week can reduce the risk of bowel and breast cancer. Even if you don’t believe in it, a simple 20-30-minute walk per day won’t do your health any wrong.

Prevents Sugar Cravings

Suffering from sugar rushes all the time? Nowadays, we’re stressed out 90% of the time, making junk food and sugar rushes common. We binge eat stuff just because it makes us feel better, not because we need it, and not being physically active makes things worse. However, walking and jogging can prevent sugar rushes and junk food cravings, keeping your health intact.

Prevents High Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease that affects a large percentage of the world’s population. It is usually caused by anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, and a high-fat diet, things that can be prevented with a simple daily stroll.

Ensures You’re Fit When Old

Making walking into a habit will ensure you stay fit when you’re old. Would you like to be fit when you’re a grandparent or take 15 minutes to go to the market outside your home? By walking 30 minutes per day, you’ll stay fit and able to babysit your grandchildren with ease.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Heart disease has become quite a common disease these days, and it’s all because of our inactivity and poor diet. By walking 30 minutes a day, however, you’ll be able to prevent cardiovascular diseases and keep your heart beating forever.

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