8 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda

Stress, lack of exercise, poor diet, and mental fatigue are among the major factors that are ruining our health nowadays. When combined, they are responsible for the global declining health around the world. Add the increasing consumption of sugar and you have a recipe for disaster that is responsible for the most dangerous conditions and diseases.

Sugar is one of the worst offenders for our declining health. The fact that it’s in everything we eat right now doesn’t make things better. Sugar is also a highly addictive substance, so it’s no wonder that it’s ruining our health without us being aware of it. Although it can be found in everything we eat, there’s one thing in particular that’s so full of sugar it shouldn’t be legal to sell – soda drinks. We all drink a can of soda every once in a while, but some people have a few every day. The original soda Dr. Pepper was created back in 1885, mostly as a medication for headaches, indigestion, and impotence. Over time, though, it became a favorite drink of many and went from medicine to poison in only a short time.

Drinking soda regularly is ruining your health and even science is aware of it. Harvard University recently published the results of a study conducted for 20 years on over 120,000 people and found something shocked. It appears that we gain weight by drinking a simple 12 oz. soda beverage every day, for an average of a pound per 4 years. Even worse, the study found links between soda drinks and obesity in children.

Additionally, people who drink only one soda can per day have an almost 30% higher risk of diabetes and a 20% higher risk of dying from a heart attack. Gout and other conditions and diseases were also linked to the consumption of soda drinks, so it’s safe to say that we’re better off without them.

And, that’s only scratching the surface. Although our body needs sugar, it wasn’t designed to process that much at once. Sugar damages the liver and all other organs, which is why we should give it up.

Here’s what quitting soda drinks can do for our health:

Improves Your Brain Health

First things first – by giving up soda, your brain health will drastically improve. Although you might not think there’s a connection, studies have linked regular consumption of soda with brain fog and it’s all because of the sugar. And brain fog’s the simplest problem – too much sugar has also been known to cause memory problems and learning impairment.

Some studies have even suggested that soda drinks may cause Alzheimer’s, but that link has to be thoroughly examined before anything can be concluded. In any way, getting of sodas will definitely do wonders for your brain.

Improves Your Heart Health

According to a 2012 study, consuming sodas and drinks full of sugar significantly raises the risk of heart disease. Sodas raise your blood pressure dangerously heart, which eventually leads to damaged blood vessels and heart health.

Healthier Bladder

Sodas are powerful diuretics associated with bladder irritation and infections. Instead of these drinks, stay hydrated by drinking water. Your bladder will be healthier and your body clean of toxins, reducing the risk of infections.

Healthier Teeth

Sodas are absolutely detrimental for our oral health. Aside from ruining our teeth, they can cause a variety of other dental problems. In one case, a woman who drank 2 l. of soda per day for 5 years experienced the same tooth erosion as crack and meth addicts, which shows just how damaging sodas can be.

Stronger Bones

Stop drinking soda cans every day and your bones will be stronger. The risk of osteoporosis will go down as well as sodas can leech calcium out of your bones. Instead of soda, drink water and herbal teas to keep your bone health in order.

Healthier Kidneys

Soda drinks have been linked to a number of kidney problems, including kidney failure. Not even diet sodas are better – in fact, they’re even worse, as they can harm the kidneys and the liver as well.

Healthier Sex Organs

Most soda cans nowadays contain a harmful substance known as BPA which has been linked to a variety of health problems. The long list includes several types of cancer as well as problems with reproductive organs. BPA has been linked to infertility as well, so quitting sodas for good makes perfect sense if you want to have children.

And, although most companies are ditching BPA, there are many that still use it, putting your health at unnecessary risk.

You’ll Lose Weight

A single soda can have up to 700 empty calories and no nutritional value. Sodas are strongly associated with weight gain, so quitting them will eventually lead to weight loss if you eat a healthy diet as well.

Bonus: You Might Live Longer

According to a recent study by the Journal of Public Health, giving up soda may actually make you live longer. The participants in the study who drank soda regularly had shorter telomeres in their immune cells. For those of you unaware, telomeres are protective caps of DNA that stand at the end of chromosomes – the longer they are, the longer we live. As sodas make them shorter, it makes perfect sense that quitting the sugary drinks may lead to better longevity.


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