According To A Recent Research, People Who Like Spending Time Alone Are Actually Very Cool!

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You probably know some people who are introvert. Maybe you’re one of them. Introvert people often become asked if they feel lonely or why do they have to be so quiet. Still, this is very wrong, since these people are only classified to be “lonely” or maybe “anti-social” because of the wrong reasons. People usually consider introverts to be very shy and that they need someone to help them in order to improve their life as well as their social interaction to other people.

Today, we’re here to tell you that these people are totally OK to be left alone for some time and you should understand that. The time they spend alone usually means very much for them.  

Here Are Some Differences Between Extroverted And Introverted People

The only difference between these people is the way they use to gain their energy from. People who are extrovert do that by spending their time with other people, while introverts do that while they’re alone. There are also people who are classified as something in between and are called “ambivert”. They claim that they need to connect and get together with other people, but they also need some time on their own.

Now, the issue of people being introvert was raised once again because of Ph.D. Bella DePaulo and her book “The Badass Psychology of People Who Like Being Alone”.

She managed to gather 60 different pieces of testimonies of people who rather liked being alone than with other people. She classifies them as very strong people with strong mentalities.

People usually worry when they’re single since they’re afraid to be alone. It’s the same thing for numerous people, but this isn’t true. They just worry that they’ll be alone forever which is a misconception.

She also focuses on a study performed on the University of Toronto by Stephanie Spielmann with her team of researchers. She researched the reasons why people who are single are afraid of staying alone. That fear drives them through life, so they’re ready to compromise for any relationship and often end up in an environment that they never liked.

They were so afraid of ending up alone that it made them reach out for less when they actually wanted more and having relationships that were far less than they ever imagined.

Why Are Introvert People Cool?  

People who are described as real-life loners are the ones who really like being alone. That means being single and spending time without friends. The traditional stereotypes which are rather neurotic aren’t scary for them at all. They know that it is important to find the right partner that will be a part of their life, so they won’t be with anyone else if they aren’t happy with that. They know that they are worth a lot and they respect themselves. They don’t care what other people think of them and how they’re seen.

These people don’t fear that they’ll be rejected or if someone is going to hurt them. They value themselves. They’re rarely depressed or lonely. They are conscious, so it doesn’t make them scared to be single and they’re really cool about that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ambivert, extrovert or introvert. You can learn a lot from people who tend to be alone and don’t socialize much. Remember this next time you have someone around you who you would classify as introvert.

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