Actor Morgan Freeman Creates A Bee Sanctuary On His 124-Acre Ranch In Order To Save Bees!

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One of the most famous and prolific actors these days who is widely recognized is Morgan Freeman. He is also known as a film director, but here’s an interesting fact about him. Did you know that he also loves saving the Planet and taking care about bees? This is something he discussed about in a recent show made by Jimmy Fallon.

Bees are probably the most necessary insects. People usually don’t like insects, but we really need bees. They pollinate the plants, fruits and vegetables we consume every day, so what do you think will happen if they somehow vanish? This is most likely to happen because we, the humans are behaving worse and worse with every day. The habits we have which cause great damage to our Planet are the ones that will be responsible for their extinction. That will also cause a great change in the food we eat every day. You probably didn’t think about it this way, did you?

That’s why Morgan Freeman decided to talk about this topic. He has also discussed other interesting topics previously which made him reach headlines. He advises that marijuana should be made legal and that he is one of the greatest consumers of this plant. He was also a part of the protests that were held in Baltimore and were against police brutality.

On the “Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon, Mr. Freeman said that he plans to buy and take care of 26 bee hives on a ranch he has in Mississippi. His ranch is 124 acres big.

He discussed about the importance these insects have on our Planet. He even has a gardener who knows how to take care of them. He doesn’t want to use the bees for honey. He just wants to feed them. He even planted various plants like clover, lavender, trees, like for example, magnolias etc.

Mr. Freeman says that the bees haven’t done any harm to him yet and that he thinks they are smart and understand that he isn’t using them, but he’s only offering them food.

This is the complete interview:

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