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Turmeric, the pungent spice we often use in soups and stews, is also a pretty powerful natural remedy. It has been used for more than a few millennia to treat simple things like colds and even more serious diseases such as cancer. According to recent studies, turmeric is really powerful, enough to reduce inflammation in our bodies and prevent the development and growth of cancer cells.

Turmeric is a plant that grows in southwest India and belongs to the ginger family. It’s a common spice used in India and Bangladesh and one of the main ingredients in curry. As we already mentioned, ancient Asian medicine has been using turmeric to treat a variety of health problems for centuries, with many herbal practitioners still using it today.

Even doctors recommend adding turmeric to your diet. It doesn’t have any adverse side-effects, and it can protect and improve your health in a variety of ways.

Here’s what the powerful Indian spice can help you with:

Relieves Inflammation

As one of the biggest causes for a variety of health problems, inflammation should always be kept in check. Although it’s a natural process, it can wreak havoc in our bodies if left untreated. Fortunately, by consuming turmeric regularly, you will never experience any problem inflammation may cause.

Turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce the inflammation in your body without endangering your health. Just add a bit of it to your diet and you’ll never experience any problems. A recent study has shown that it’s far more effective than common drugs for various debilitating condition and works without any side-effects.

Lowers the Risk of Several Types of Cancer

It’s safe to say that cancer is among the deadliest diseases of our time. It’s a serious problem that’s killing millions every year and we have no cure yet. Natural medicine, however, has been able to at least put the growth of cancer cells under control in many cases. According to a recent study, turmeric can also help with various types of cancer, although only in the early stages.

That’s still encouraging news to the millions of people around the world fighting cancer. The study showed that the “power” of turmeric lies in its active ingredient curcumin that can fight leukemia, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, sarcoma, and various other types of cancers. Thanks to its cancer-protective effects, we suggest consuming turmeric every day.

Improves Your Brain Health

While no one should expect turmeric to make you a genius, consuming it regularly has been known to improve brain health. A recent study showed much better spatial and non-spatial memory in patients who were regularly consuming turmeric for 12 weeks which is astonishing. In simpler terms, turmeric promotes neuroplasticity and helps the brain create new connections faster. It’s just incredible that a natural spice can do for the brain what medicine hasn’t been able to achieve in decades.

Improves Your Digestion

Adding turmeric to your diet will do wonders for your digestion. It’s a well-known digestive booster that can treat a variety of problems, including stomach ulcers and ulcerative colitis. The spice works thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties which will soothe the lining in your digestive tract and relieve all the symptoms of these conditions.

Additionally, the curcumin will stimulate the production of bile in the gallbladder and give your digestion a boost while preventing the remission of ulcerative colitis.

Relieves the Symptoms of Arthritis

Once again, the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin are on display. Arthritis patients are advised to add turmeric in their diet as it can gradually relieve the pain and works better than any kind of drug. Considering the damaging effects of over-the-counter pills, it’s definitely worth trying.

Improves Your Heart Health

A recent study conducted at the University of Maryland found out that curcumin can prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries and prevent atherosclerosis. Additionally, the compound can prevent blood clots and reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol, effectively reducing the risk of heart attack in the future.

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