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As a fitness coach born in NYC I’ve seen the change of the fitness industry firsthand. Within these last 8 months, I’ve seen gyms shut down longer than a majority of other states, return with very strict restrictions, and now certain areas are facing a second shutdown.

Even with everything going on, the demand for fitness is very high. As I work with clients in the park as I do every summer, I’ve seen more people working out, running, and cycling than ever before.

Fitness is not only a way to stay in shape, its a way to get your mind off of your daily problems and it releases stress. As a trainer that has been forced to transition more online, I created a platform for people to have great workouts from home. The Movement is an On-Demand Fitness platform made by athletes for everyone.

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As a former professional basketball player turned fitness coach, I’ve teamed with other fitness pros to create a platform that anyone can use. Whether it’s athletic yoga, a boxing tutorial, or a HIIT class, The Movement provides workouts you can do anywhere.

I also created a Nutrition program that provides customized guides, nutrition tracking, and more. Even as an athlete I’ve always struggled with my weight. I lost over 35+ pounds in my fitness journey and that is what led me to become a fitness coach.

With the obesity rate climbing, I created this program to help people track their food intake and live a healthier lifestyle.

Visit ITAMOVEMENT.COM and join the movement.


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