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14 Of The Most Surprising Uses Of Witch Hazel

Hamamelis virginiana is the North American witch-hazel shrub also known as witch hazel. It is mostly used as an astringent and applied topically and is obtained from the leaves as well as the bark of this shrub. It has been used by the Native Americans for numerous years because it’s full of medicinal benefits. The plant’s parts can be also boiled and used against tumors as well as skin irritations.  People use it throughout the whole world as a toner or natural cleanser, but this amazing shrub has to be...
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France is the First EU Country to Fight the Declining Bee Population

Why Are Bees Disappearing from Earth? In the past decade, massive colonies of bees have been disappearing from the face of Earth and no one is really sure why. Bees play an important role in our ecosystem, pollinating flowers and helping them grow. Bees are the key to our varied and nutritious diet and keep the cycle of life turning all the time. After years of speculation as to what could make bees disappear, experts have finally found out that it’s due to excessive use of pesticides. The pesticide varieties...
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According To A Recent Research, People Who Like Spending Time Alone Are Actually Very Cool!

You probably know some people who are introvert. Maybe you’re one of them. Introvert people often become asked if they feel lonely or why do they have to be so quiet. Still, this is very wrong, since these people are only classified to be “lonely” or maybe “anti-social” because of the wrong reasons. People usually consider introverts to be very shy and that they need someone to help them in order to improve their life as well as their social interaction to other people. Today, we’re here to tell you...
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Actor Morgan Freeman Creates A Bee Sanctuary On His 124-Acre Ranch In Order To Save Bees!

One of the most famous and prolific actors these days who is widely recognized is Morgan Freeman. He is also known as a film director, but here’s an interesting fact about him. Did you know that he also loves saving the Planet and taking care about bees? This is something he discussed about in a recent show made by Jimmy Fallon. Bees are probably the most necessary insects. People usually don’t like insects, but we really need bees. They pollinate the plants, fruits and vegetables we consume every day, so...
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