“Avoid Men And You’ll Live A Longer Life!” Claims This 109-Year-Old Woman

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In today’s article, we’re presenting you an interesting story connected to longevity. You’ve probably heard numerous stories connected to what might lead to a longer life, but we’re certain that this reason is probably one of the strangest of all!

The story was discovered in 2015. Holiday Retirement decided to conduct a research in all of America among people who were 100 and older. They all gave different tips which they considered to be responsible for their long life.

Some people claimed that they had a long life because they decided to live it to the fullest. Others thought that it was because of their family, but definitely the strangest answer was presented by a woman who was 109 years old! Her name was Jessie Gallan.

This woman was born on a family farm in Kintore, located in Scotland in 1906. She had 6 siblings and they all lived on the farm together with their parents. She had a very simple, rural life. She lived in their cottage freely.

She was schooled by the teachers where she went to school, but it was during a short period of time. After that, she decided to start working in a farm kitchen. Later she also worked in the city as a housemaid for some people from wealthier families. Then, she started to work in service industry.

When she became a senior citizen, she decided to start living in Crosby House which accommodates seniors who are alone or ill. Everyone who worked there said that she was a great person who likes exercising and listening to music. She even had a best friend there called Sarah Jane. They spent most of their time together. She tried to have long walks.

Unfortunately, Jessie passed away peacefully in 2015. She claimed that her decision to stay away from men was the one that helped her live longer!

Her vitality was also because of the porridge that she ate throughout her whole life.

You have to admit that this sounds interesting! Nowadays, many women claim that good men are very hard to find. Maybe you just need to let go and let someone find you. That may be good for a start! Still, the theory can’t be confirmed, but we should all consider it as it’s rather intriguing!

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