Ayurveda - Health Benefits of Wild Chaga Mushroom

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Chaga mushroom, also known botanically as Inonotus obliquus, is a mushroom plant that is mostly found on the birch tree. This mushroom type is limited to specific regions in the world, such of which are Asia, Canada and some parts of Northern Europe. In this article I will explain the Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom.

Chaga is known for its unique physical properties which are; an outer part which is deep brown especially when exposed to sunlight, this occurs as a result of the rich melanin properties found in it. The inner parts, on the other hand, retain its brightly colored orange nature irrespective.

Asides these, the plant is quite gritty to touch, it can also be converted to various other forms such as powder depending on the mode of usage especially in instances such as tea making from it. At other times, Chaga mushroom can also be converted to capsule forms as a source of dietary supplements. 

The mushroom is considered by many as a source of medicinal benefit for individuals, with some going as far as naming it kreftkjuke in Norway, which means the “cancer fungus” as a result of its proposed benefit in the prevention and management of cancer. Other names by which it is sometimes called includes the black mass, cinder conk, the sterile conk trunk rot and many others. 

Chaga mushroom is largely associated with ayurvedic properties as a result of its natural healing properties which has been shown to work effectively for a number of conditions. Ayurveda, in itself, is an ancient India belief that has its major concept based on the fact that the body was created as a composition of various dosha types.

These doshas when combined is considered to be fully responsible for the perfect functioning of the body and as such, the doshas must be in full and perfect conditioning for this to occur. 

Why Is Wild Chaga Mushroom Considered Medicinal?

Chaga mushroom

Chaga mushroom is one plant amidst many others that is known to have great medicinal mushroom benefits. The plant is largely known as a great source of nutrients such as fibers and antioxidants and is also a widely known source of calories, howbeit low. 

As such, if you, as an individual is looking for a means to enhance your body’s immune system and also the general health of the body. The health benefits of Chaga mushroom is felt in various systems of the body including the endocrine system, the nervous system, cardiovascular system and other as such. 

Health Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

1. Reduces aging time

Most oxidative reactions in the body are known as the major causes of ageing physically in the body. These oxidative reactions occur as a result of overexposure to certain agents such as sunlight, or certain types of pollution. The antioxidant-rich mushroom, therefore, can help to drastically reduce ageing time of the body, thereby reversing the signs of ageing including wrinkles, sagging skin and also grey hair at times.

2. Reduces cholesterol level

Antioxidants are sometimes closely associated with the reduction of what is termed as “bad” cholesterol in the body.  The presence of bad cholesterol in the body is as a result of certain lipoproteins known as the low-density lipoproteins and they could pose as serious dangers to an individual’s health majorly heart diseases. 

The use of Chaga mushroom has been directly linked with the reduction of the production of these lipoproteins. 

3. Anti-cancer properties

As indicated from one of its other names, Chaga mushroom is widely known for its properties which are useful as anti-cancer healing agents in the body. These can be attributed to the antioxidative properties present in the plant. As a result, there is instantaneous protection against the free radical cells oxidation as found in cancerous cells. 

4. Control of liver problems

Major among the numerous health benefits of the mushroom plant on the body include its effects on prevention or reducing the progression of liver problems. More specifically, it has been deduced that a certain water-based form of the mushroom extract has an intense effect on the protection of biopsied liver tissues; it helps to protect these tissues from the harmful effect of chemicals known to be responsible for liver damage

Chaga mushroom

5. Effect on blood sugar

Diabetes, which is closely associated with an increase in the level of blood sugar in the body, has also been seen to be effectively reduced with the use of Chaga mushroom. This study has however only been confirmed on rats and is yet to be confirmed in human specimens. However, the results seen has been shown to have strong evidence in the advantage to it. 

6. Strengthening of the immune system

The body’s immune system is one that is made up of various substances, notable among them are the cytokines. Cytokines are known as the chemical messengers of the immune system, they help to ensure that the body’s white blood cells are fully produced in the body, thereby helping to boost the immune system and also fight off various infections in the body. 

Chaga mushroom is considered as a major stimulant of the production of cytokines in the body and as such can be directly linked with the immune system boost. 


As much as the use of Chaga mushroom has been proven over and over again to be quite effective, care should also be taken that its abuse does not occur. You should ensure to fully discuss with your physician before deciding to start the usage of this plant, especially in cases where there have been prior prescribed medications or in cases of specific medical conditions. 

Hope by now you understand the health benefits of chaga mushroom. If you’ve found this article helpful share it with your friends and family.

Ayurveda - Health Benefits of Wild Chaga Mushroom
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Polly Tlg has always been interested in holistic and alternative ways of healing. Ayurveda and yoga are the best medicines for her. Deeply intuitive she finds that true healing surpasses the boundaries of the physical body and embraces the emotional, energetic and subtlest layers of our being. Polly helps people to know how to be healthy and beautiful using only natural remedies. She believes that nature is the best source of human health.

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