Bad Cough That Won’t Quit Part Of Winter Virus Going Around

Bad Cough That Won’t Quit Part Of Winter Virus Going Around

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Many doctors and experts have started warning people about a new virus which isn’t the flu nor a seasonal cold, even though they’re the most present right now.

Numerous people have appeared with a really bad cough that can’t seem to disappear. Some of them have even reported gastrointestinal problems, but almost all of them claim to have experienced respiratory problems.

The cough that they have all been reporting differs from the one present in the flu. People feel shortness of breath, congestion and different symptoms of the upper respiratory tract.

Different From The Common Cold

People have reported various consequences of this bad cough. Some of them visited the emergency room while there were some who had to stay in hospital.

People who have already experienced having the flu know that it usually appears very fast, but this type of cough usually appears slowly and starts developing into being very hard and causes lots of different problems.

People who have turned to professionals to look for help are all with a common symptom: they’re all short of breath. They just can’t breathe. Even their neck muscles as well as their ribs are tense. Their whole body seems to have a hard time dealing with this shortness of breath.

There isn’t a typical age when this cough appears. There are patients of different ages, but they all come with a difference in their experience. The ones with the biggest problem are the children and the elderly.

One common thing that all people have also reported is that it seems that this so called illness just can’t disappear and it takes a lot of time to be healed. Illnesses which are present for more than 7 days tend to be bacterial. When this kind of a patient visits the emergency room, they’re given medicines and IV fluids which offer hydration for their body. But, the cough which is a part of a problem with the upper respiratory tract can’t be treated that easy. This isn’t a virus.

In case you’re one of the people who has already experienced this kind of a problem, don’t hesitate to visit a professional for help. Try to fight this cough as soon as possible.

Here, We’re Suggesting You 3 Tips That Will Help You Have A Super Healthy Immune System!  

Winter is usually the season where people experience problems with their immunity. These 3 tips will help you have a healthier immunity in a very short time!

Wash Your Hands!

This is ‘a must’ when it comes to preventing different kinds of respiratory infections. There was a certain handwashing education in some communities throughout the world and experts reported that the rates of the respiratory problems these people were facing were decreased to 21%! They were 16% in the beginning.

Decrease Of Stress, Exercising And A Good Night Sleep

One of the most important thing for us all is to sleep well. Also, we need to try and make time for having at least 3 days a week when we can exercise. Stress is another thing we need to decrease as much as we can. It is the most common cause for the appearance of all illnesses.

A Proper Diet

Having a healthy and strong immune system means that you need to make sure to consume a greater amount of fresh vegetables and fruits. Include minerals and vitamins like A, C and D, zinc, magnesium etc. You can also intake probiotics as they’re also excellent for a good immunity. Go out in fresh air and in case you’re a smoker, quit this bad habit. These things will help you achieve optimal health and a stronger immunity!


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