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In this article, we are going to explain what is the best supplement for vegan bodybuilders. But, if you are looking for a list with a dozen supplement recommendations for vegans, then this is not the article you are looking for.

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We can assure you though that the supplement we are going to recommend is actually manufactured by a vegetarian bodybuilder who has been eating less than 85 grams of vegetarian protein per day for the last 11 years.

Best Supplement For Vegan Bodybuilders

Building muscles does not only need exercise and a decent amount of rest but also enough protein to stimulate muscle recovery.

If you are a bodybuilder, you probably know that weight lifting causes damage to your muscle fibers. Once these fibers are healed, your muscles will experience a growth in size as well as mass.

As a vegan, although getting these proteins through protein-containing foods is relatively easy (nuts, legumes, tahini, bulgur, oats, etc) it might not still be enough as vegan foods contain fewer proteins than those found in animal sources.

This becomes even more concerning since your body can’t normally digest all the protein present in the food that you eat. As a result, your body’s need for protein to repair and build your muscles might not be properly satisfied.

Most of the proteins are left there in your intestine, undigested, and if left unnoticed, it may even result in serious complications that will make a bad impact on your daily life.

What Is The Best Supplement For Vegan Bodybuilders
– High Protein Vegan Foods

How Do I Solve This Problem?

As a vegan, you don’t need to find other sources of proteins to make up for this. You don’t even need to eat more just to get enough proteins for your muscles to be properly nourished and built.

Just go with your regular diet and supplement yourself with MassZymes after each meal. MassZymes is a proteolytic enzyme supplement – made by BiOptimizers, a supplement company led by vegan bodybuilder Wade T Leighheart – that is scientifically designed to help bodybuilders and athletes to absorb more protein without consuming more of it.

masszymes 3.0
– MassZymes Advance Enzymatic Formula

MassZymes can increase the rate of protein breakdown into amino acids from the food that you eat with its huge amounts of protease enzymes and a special enzyme blend which include but are not limited to lipase, bromelain, and amylase.

☝️ MassZymes is 100% Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly. It is an all plant-based supplement that uses the combination of MassZymes’ special formula as well as AstraZyme, an all plant-based derived compound formed from the extracts of Astralagus and Panax Ginseng, so you can be assured that no animal was harmed nor included in the process of making this product. Not to mention, it can also be taken by people with allergies to soy and dairy products because it is free from anything that contains these two.

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So how does MassZymes do the trick?

Enzymes are catalysts that start various reactions or processes in the body and encourage the breakdown of protein in your diet, your body relies on something called proteolytic enzymes, also known as protease enzymes, to do the job.

Your body naturally produces protease in your stomach and pancreas. However, this is not enough.

Most of the proteins from the foods we eat are not digested adequately by the body because there are not enough proteolytic enzymes to go around.

– MassZymes breaks down a piece of meat

This is especially concerning to a vegan diet where plant-based foods have naturally fewer proteins than animal-based products.

However, MassZymes has more than enough protease to help you get the most out of the proteins in your food. Meaning, you can still stick to your all plant-based diet without losing all the nourishment your body needs to repair and strengthen your muscles.

enzyme supplements comparison guide
– Table comparing the amount of protease various proteolytic enzymes have compared to MassZymes.

What other benefits can you get from MassZymes?

Although MassZymes was scientifically designed for athletes and bodybuilders it can be used by everyday people as well providing huge health benefits.

1. Contains several enzymes that prompt good digestion and health.

MassZymes does not only possess protease that breaks down protein, but it also supports overall gut health with the help of multiple enzymes including lipase, bromelain, and amylase.

  • Lipase is responsible for the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A and D.
  • Amylase, on the other hand, is involved in breaking down carbohydrates present in foods like cereals and bread. These carbohydrates are important in our daily lives because it is the fuel we use to move.
  • Lastly is bromelain, an enzyme that can help fight off inflammations and several cancers.

MassZymes also have multiple enzymes other than these three and each of them are responsible for the proper functioning of our bodies.

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2. Relieves gas, bloating, and other stomach or intestinal problems

Many problems can arise from improper digestion of foods. Proteins, when not broken down properly, will stay at your intestines and promote bacterial growth.

Stomach pains caused by gas and bloating that may arise from undigested proteins may also occur, affecting your movements and hindering your activities in everyday life.

MassZymes with their protease as well as their other blend of enzymes can help cleanse your body by breaking down the excess proteins and other nutrients in your diet that you normally can’t digest.

It’s also hitting two birds with one stone since you can absorb all the nutrients you are supposed to be getting from all the food you eat which are just lying there normally, unable to be digested.

As a result, you’ll be achieving more proteins for your muscles as well the other nutrients for your body’s proper functioning without increasing your protein intake. Isn’t that just great?

3. It helps your mental health.

It is not a direct effect but after solving the problems present in your gut, you will be able to put more energy into managing other parts of your body.

The benefits extend to your mind. Suffering from problems in your gut like stomach pains, bloating, gas, constipation, as well as other intestinal and stomach-related problems, can lead to mental stress. Some problems in your gut are even connected to mental problems like anxiety and depression. (Check this article from Harvard Medical School on the gut-brain connection).

With the help of MassZymes, these gut-related problems will be solved in no time, giving you peace of mind you can use in dealing with other important matters in your life.

☝️ MassZymes is not only for protein digestion but also gives you many other benefits like an all-purpose supplement. Visit the Official Website for More Information and Testimonials

Final Take

Being vegan means staying away completely from any products that contain meat, dairy, eggs, fish, and anything that contains animal-related products.

Merely relying on plants that have less protein content than animal products may not be enough to sustain muscle recovery and muscle building.

This is especially true for bodybuilders who are on a strictly plant-based diet. However, you don’t have to worry about this anymore when you start taking MassZymes. (Click here to read a full review about MassZymes)

Even just your regular protein-rich vegan diet can sustain your need for proteins by letting you get the most out of your food and ensure that you can still get the muscles that you desire.

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