BiOptimizers KApex Review: Do You Actually Need This Supplement?

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This article reviews KApex, the enzymatic supplement manufactured by BiOptimizers specifically crafted for people who do the Keto Diet.

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While you may have certainly heard about the incredible benefits of keto diet in terms of loosing excess fat and improving digestion, you may not have heard about a dietary supplement that can complement your diet with.

Well, KApex supplement may be able to help you.

Read our BiOptimizers KApex review thoroughly to learn how the KApex supplement can benefit people who are under the Keto Diet.

KApex Review

Review of: BiOptimizers KApex

Best For: Improving digestion for people who are on a Ketogenic, Paleo or Low Carb diets


  • All natural ingredients
  • Backed by scientific research
  • Reduces keto flu and fatigue during keto-adaptation.
  • Increases Energy
  • Helps with Digestion
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers money back guarantee


  • A bit expensive

SUMMARY: kApex® improves your body’s and cells’ performance on Keto diet by enhancing fatty acid digestion, fatty acid utilization, and fatty acid mobilization. In short kApex® amplifies ALL facets of ketogenesis. You’ll experience the finest digestion ever on top of a new peak of consistent, smooth energy –  when on a ketogenic diet.

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What is KApex supplement?

KApex is a dietary supplement, especially formulated for those who are in keto, paleo, or low-carb diets.

BiOptimizers KApex Review
– KAPEX Supplement bottles

A ketogenic diet typically contains more fat than carbs. As a result, if you transition to a keto diet, your food will be digested differently.

This supplement is created using an advanced enzyme formula that promotes ketogenesis and prevents symptoms like the keto flu and digestive problems.

When taken on regularly, kApex supports your body by providing various advantages, such as:

  • Boost the digestion of keto, low-carb, and paleo diets.
  • Increases AMPK (an enzyme that promotes energy production) activity in muscles by 52% and fat cells by 300%.
  • Elevates ATP (energy) in your liver by 22%, making it more efficient at ketogenesis and cleansing.
  • Improves adiponectin (a fat-cell hormone that aids fat reduction and healthy blood lipids whilst also balancing inflammation) by up to 248%.
  • Promotes sensitivity to important blood sugar-regulating hormones by increasing GLUT4 in fat and muscle cells by 488%.
  • Effectively reduces inflammation, lowers bad cholesterol, and improves cardiovascular health.
  • Helps digestion by promoting the digestion of proteins and fats to prevent stomach distress from high-fat meals.
  • Boosts energy and exercise performance—particularly when following a low-carb or ketogenic diet.
  • Relieves keto flu and lethargy during the keto-adaption.
  • Enhances fat loss (when combined with regular exercise and nutrition).
  • Improves mitochondrial health and activates anti-aging pathways.

KApex aims to improve your body and cell function while on a keto diet. This product is specifically formulated to help your body rewire itself in three ways.

  1. First, kApex plays a vital role during the breakdown of fat into small fatty acids.
  2. Second, kApex facilitates the transport of those fatty acids to your liver and mitochondria, at which they are burned at a quicker rate.
  3. Third, kApex helps you break past any fat reduction plateaus by improving digestion and metabolic function.

☝️ Even though kApex is a dietary supplement and is usually consumed by those who are on a keto diet, it is also suitable for people who are not following a keto diet. If you are looking for a product that can improve and support your digestive system while can also be consumed by everyone regardless of their diet type, kApex is an excellent choice for you. So, taking kApex as your dietary supplement can optimize the whole diet process.

How does it work?

When you are following a Keto diet, trying to get a healthy outcome from it, you may feel tired of doing if after a while. It may be brought on by the body’s unwillingness to adjust to the dietary restrictions, or it can also be due to your body does not want to adapt to the desired state.

Throughout the Ketogenic diet process, you may obtain numerous benefits along with possible side effects. For that reason, the kApex dietary supplement was created to complement the keto diet and prevent you from experiencing any side effects.

This product contains full-spectrum digestive enzymes that help you break down proteins and improve digestive function, especially for low-carbs ketogenic diets. It also encourages optimal fat digestion and metabolism, as well as a healthy stress response, making it much easier to enter and stay in a state of ketosis.

As a result, you can enter a healthy ketosis state, which stimulates your metabolic rate and helps you to lose weight and improve your physical health. This can also optimize your workout performance and keep your brain active.

What are KApex’s ingredients?

kApex capsules are made by popular supplement manufacturer BiOptimizers (the same company behind Magnesium Breakthrough (the only Magnesium Supplement with all 7 forms of magnesium) and MassZymes (the only supplement that helps you gain muscled without eating more protein) using a precise combination of natural extracts to support the keto diet.

The tablets are manufactured without the use of any chemicals or fillers and adhere to FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility standards.

BiOptimizers KApex Review
– KAPEX supplement facts label (graphic created from KAPEX’s old packaging)

The complete list of ingredients in two capsules for each serving of kApex includes:

  • 477 mg of Tri-Phase Protease (230,283 HUT) [including 25,513 HUT of Protease 6.0, 204,770 HUT of Protease 4.5, and 144 SAPU of Protease 3.0]: an enzyme that breaks down proteins.
  • 70 mg of Lipa4 Lipase (4,900 FIP) [with lipase fungal (400 FIP) from Japan, lipase fungal (1,500 FIP) from China, lipase fungal (50 LU) in the Mucor javanicus species, and Lipase fungal (3,000 FIP) in the Aspergillus niger species]: an enzyme that breaks down fats (lipids).
  • 236 mg of L-carnitine powder: It transports fatty acids into mitochondria and promotes fat loss.
  • 90 mg of Innoslim: It boosts energy production in fat tissues and the AMPK pathway.
  • 40 mg of Astrazyme: It contains herbal extracts and plant-based enzymes that reduce stomach inflammation and promote a balanced immune system.
  • 41 mg of betaine HCl: It promotes healthy stomach acid levels while also stimulating digestion and gut motility.
  • 1.4 mg of dandelion root powder: It enhances bile flow by breaking down fat and protein. It optimizes ketogenesis and mitochondrial function.
  • 34 mg of ubiquinone (CoQ10): It has an anti-aging effect that can improve mitochondrial function and reduce oxidative stress.
  • 10 mg of trace mineral blend: It helps in optimizing digestion and metabolism.
  • 0.4 mg of 7-keto DHEA: It supports healthy metabolism and fat-burning effects to boost weight loss.
  • Astragalus and Panax: It contains adaptogens that give you more energy and overcome stress and fatigue.
  • Other ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, rice extract, and water.

KApex is manufactured by BiOptimizers and it is formulated using only natural ingredients and a careful selection of enzymes scientifically proven to help with digestion.

Visit kApex website and claim up to 38% discount and FREE Shipping.

What are KApex’s benefits?

We have already talked about kApex’s benefits for the digestive system and weight loss. However, this product has a lot more benefits other than those two.

Here is the list of benefits that kApex offers:

  • Optimize Digestion:cMany beginner ketogenic dieters have digestive irritation after eating a lot of fat because they begin with a suboptimal digestive system. KApex contains betaine HCl, proteases, lipase, and dandelion root, which stimulates optimal digestion and prevents digestive distress caused by high-fat meals.
  • Support Muscle Building and Maintenance: Ketogenic diets provide far less protein than a regular bodybuilder’s meal. You might also be suffering from a calorie shortage, making it difficult to work out too intensely. These conditions may make it harder to preserve and build muscle. During keto-adaptation, it is critical to ensure that the proteins you consume count. The proteases in kApex guarantee that all proteins consumed are completely broken down, allowing amino acids to be absorbed. The dandelion root promotes bile synthesis, meanwhile lipases active at different acidities ensure that fats are completely broken down.
  • Increase Fat Burning for Energy: In the ketogenic diet, fats replace carbs as the main source of energy in your body. Those fats will be burned in the mitochondria to be transformed into energy. Poor mitochondrial function can result in fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, and a far more difficult transition into a keto diet. For that reason, kApex was formulated with L-carnitine, CoQ10, and Innoslim to support your mitochondrial function.
  • Improve Energy, Cognitive Function, and Wellbeing: Before your body can effectively burn ketones for energy, keto-adaptation requires your stress response system to provide energy. KApex tackles these issues with energizing ingredients in InnoSlim as well as trace minerals. These ingredients energize you by boosting your metabolism and behaving as adaptogens to help your stress response system. The energetic components in kApex can assist in bridging the gap even when you are already keto-adapted, but have not yet achieved full metabolic flexibility for high-intensity workout performance.
  • Improve Sensitivity to Important Blood Sugar Regulating Hormones and Promote Healthy Blood Lipids: Even when following a low-carb or ketogenic diet, kApex can ensure that glucose and other nutrients reach your muscle cells and help them grow. This can happen because the synergistic elements in Innoslim bring the glucose transporter 4 (Glut4) to the surface of your fat and muscle cells, boosting the amount of glucose these cells absorb.
  • Promote a Balanced Immune Response: The immune response of your body is supported by a set of ingredients in kApex, such as Innoslim and AstraZyme.
  • Anti-Aging: According to research, Keto diets typically have an anti-aging effect by increasing mitochondrial function while decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress. KApex amplifies the anti-aging effect by optimizing mitochondria, reducing oxidative stress, also by elevating balanced inflammation and stress responses.
  • Cholesterol and Triglyceride: KApex can promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride level because it contains Innoslim and AstraZyme. Innoslim decreases cholesterol and triglyceride formation in the liver by activating the AMPK enzyme. Moreover, because cholesterol rises in response to inflammation, lowering inflammation tends to lower cholesterol. Astrazyme and Innoslim both contain herbal components and systemic enzymes that endorse a balanced inflammatory response. As a result, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Innoslim may promote healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

KApex Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of kApex usage as a dietary supplement:


  • Can be beneficial for people on a keto, low-carb, or paleo diet
  • Enhances metabolism, digestion, and heart health
  • Developed specifically to support weight loss on a ketogenic diet.
  • It has the best and most sought-after ingredients on the market for improving ketosis which is 7-keto DHEA.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol.
  • Helps treat a lack of lipase (a digestive enzyme).
  • No filler or artificial additives.
  • 100% 365-day money-back guarantee.


  • The supplement is kind of expensive
  • If consumed in the afternoon or evening, it might give you too much energy for rest of the day.
  • To experience the benefits, the user must remember to take it daily; it is not a one-and-done supplement.

Who is Bioptimizers, the company behind this supplement?

BiOptimizers is a nutritional supplement company founded in 2004 by Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant. The founders met at World’s Gym in Canada when they both worked as personal trainers there.

With Matt’s background as a successful online entrepreneur and Wade was a vegetarian who was also a three-time natural bodybuilding champion, they decided to collaborate and launched several products that became a hit.

Over time, their enthusiasm for bodybuilding evolved into a passion to help others in achieving a biologically optimized state of health.

As a result, they rebranded to BiOptimizers in 2014. The company’s mission is to fix and optimize digestion so that people can have more energy, feel better, and live better lives.

BiOptimizers KAPEX Reviews

If you feel that we may be biased in our BiOptimizer Kapex review, maybe reviews from random people all around the internet might help with your decision.

This guy is super excited about his increased energy levels

BiOptimizers KApex Review
– Screenshot of a BiOptimizers KAPEX Review

She felt the difference..

BiOptimizers KApex Review
– Another screenshot of a BiOptimizers KAPEX Review

Where can You Buy it?

Official Website

You can buy a kApex supplement for $69 per bottle, and get the purchasing advantages by placing your order from the official website. You will also get a cheaper price and free shipping to the US and Canada if you buy the bundle kApex supplement.

More specifically:

  • 1 Bottle (120 veggie caps) = $69 per bottle
  • 3 Bottles (360 veggie caps) = $59 per bottle + FREE Shipping (US & CAN only)
  • 6 Bottles (720 veggie caps) = $49,50 per bottle + FREE Shipping (Worldwide)

BiOptimizers Store

However, you can also buy the product through the BiOptimizers store for $66 per bottle, and get free shipping internationally on orders over $200.

Mor specifically:

  • 1 Bottle (120 veggie caps) = $66 per bottle
  • 3 Bottles (360 veggie caps) = $54.67 per bottle + FREE Shipping (US only)
  • 5 Bottles (600 veggie caps) = $51 per bottle + FREE Shipping (US only)

The best KAPEX deal can be obtain from KAPEX’s official website since you are able to get 6 bottles at $49,50 per bottle, plus worldwide free shipping.

If you live in the US and looking to purchase one bottle only, then it is better getting KAPEX from the Bioptimizer’s store.

Visit kApex website and claim up to 38% discount and FREE Shipping Worldwide

image of a 90 day guarantee badge

BiOptimizers has one of the best money back guarantee deals around. Simply, send back any unused, unopened bottles of the product if you are not entirely happy with your BiOptimizers KAPEX supplement purchase for any reason between now and 365 days from now, and they will provide a full refund (minus the cost of shipping and handling). Any guarantee is void once you crack open a second bottle.

Final Take

We review BiOptimizers supplements since they are one of the most trusted supplement companies in the market. Check more product reviews here:

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