CollaGenius Review

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In this CollaGenius Review, I reveal my findings and everything you need to know about this much-praised brain supplement. At the very end of this review you can find CollaGenius Reviews by other users.

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Do you have mental fatigue, poor memory, and unfocused thinking? It’s probably that your brain composition, hormones, or neurons are degrading. So you are looking for a nutritional supplement that can promote brain health and maintain it for a long time. So, what did you find? BiOptimizers CollaGenius brain health supplement by Nootopia?

You probably have seen the hyped videos of CollaGenius reviews which make you think it is a great product for your brain health! However, before adding any nutritional supplement to your diet you should do thorough research if the product is actually safe for you. 

Here we come up with a handy CollaGenius review guide where you can learn the facts about its ingredients, benefits, health risks, and customer reviews. 

CollaGenius Review

Review of: CollaGenius by Nootopia

Best For: Digesting gluten, lower the symptoms of food intolerance, better digestion, and improve gut health

CollaGenius by Nootopia


  • All natural ingredients
  • Backed by scientific research
  • Trusted Company
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers money back guarantee


  • Gets out of stock frequently due to the small batches they produce each time.

SUMMARY: CollaGenius is a genuinely useful supplement. Unlike many  other brain products that contain ineffective or even extremely stimulating substances, Collagenius includes safe and scientifically validated components that are good to brain health, and I am confident that it will deliver on its claims.

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What Is CollaGenius?

Here we go with a quick intro to this product: 

CollaGenius Review: Ingredients, Pros & Cons, Side Effects
– CollaGenius

CollaGenius is a powdered blend of 4 concentrated mushrooms and collagen.

It is intended to provide an energized, calm and alert effect. It acts to optimize brain health, improve immunity, and feed skin, hair, and nails. 

This unique dietary supplement contains 1.2 lb of concentrated raw mushrooms; no wonder how it quickly starts optimizing brain function in a standard way.

This supplement is supposed to be the best solution for people who have trouble thinking, are having memory problems, or are suffering from age-related memory loss.

Although it helps to increase brain activity, it does not contain any caffeine or stimulants, nor does it form habits. Instead, the manufacturer claims that it is a 100% safe and risk-free product.

Moreover, it is lactose-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free. However, it has a decent chocolate taste which is not artificial flavor but extracted from the cocoa.

How Does It Work?

CollaGenius works by increasing the level of BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) naturally, which helps to promote the growth and survival of neurons and neurotransmitters, which is helpful for learning and memory. 

Let me make it easier for you:

BDNF is the gene protein that is responsible for the production of new nerve cells and their survival and protection.

Normally when you grow, the level of BDNF declines gradually, that’s the major reason why older people find it difficult to learn new things and have frequent memory issues. 

Nowadays, the level of BDNF dramatically decreases in people, probably due to high screen time, or depression which leads to memory issues, or sluggishness. CollaGenius dosages help you to increase the level of BDNF in your brain naturally which improves your brain performance, develops new cells, and maintains their growth. 

The main ingredient responsible for BDNF synthesis is Lion’s mane, while other ingredients work synergistically with it to improve brain function, immunity, and skin health.

What Are CollaGenius Benefits? What Should You Expect?

Following is the list of benefits you can get from the intake of CollaGenius drink:

  • It makes you alert and awakens quickly.
  • It is a smooth, and sustained source of energy.
  • With the regular dosage of CollaGenius supplement, you will have better cognition, clear thinking, improved mood, and better brain performance.
  • It promotes radical neurogenesis (synthesis of new nerve cells)
  • It improves memory.
  • This product has a rich profile of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals while having only 50 calories per serving. 
  • This product is a good source of collagen which gives you radiant, smooth, and shiny hair, skin, and nails.
  • It supports bone, muscles, joints, and brain health.
  • It tastes chocolicious with a mild-earth taste of mushrooms. 

CollaGenius Ingredients

According to makers, BiOptimzer CollaGenius brain health supplement is a unique blend of 5 superfoods, which include 1.2 lbs of 4 concentrated raw mushrooms and collagen, along with other ingredients (cocoa powder, butter, salts).

CollaGenius Review: Ingredients, Pros & Cons, Side Effects
– CollaGenius Supplement Facts Label

Following is the list of CollaGenius ingredients all-in-one bottle:

  • Lion’s Mane (2600 mg)
  • Chaga (1500 mg) 
  • Cordyceps (1500 mg)
  • Reishi (1100 mg)
  • Collagen (2650 mg)

Let’s review each ingredient individually and see how it works for improving your mental health:

Lion’s Mane 

CollaGenius by Nootopia supplement contains 2600 mg of Lion’s mane extract. It belongs to the medicinal and edible mushroom family. It is clinically proven to support brain health, reduce brain damage due to aging, and protect brain cells (1)

It is widely used in supplements to cure and prevent Alzheimer, dementia, and other brain conditions (2). It helps in the NGF (nerve growth factor) synthesis in nerve cells which is actually a gene code (or simply called protein) that helps in the production, proliferation, maintenance, protection, growth, and survival of targeted nerve cells or neurons (3)

It is the highly concentrated and majorly active ingredient in the CollaGenius supplements. The presence of Lion’s mane extract in this product can provide a valid explanation of its effectiveness on brain health. 


CollaGenius drink powder contains 1500 mg (1.5 g) of Chaga mushroom extract (only fruiting body). In CollaGenius supplements, it is used to support immunity, and lower blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

However, this medicinal mushroom is also beneficial for preventing neurodegeneration, boosting cognitive function, and improving mood and memory (4)


CollaGenius includes 1.5 g of Cordyceps Sinensis extract (source mycelium). This mushroom has strong antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties which protect the brain, heart, and joint health.

This ingredient increases the clinical outcomes of health supplements (5)


The CollaGenius supplement contains 1100 mg of Reishi extract (from the fruiting body). It has strong medicinal and therapeutic properties.

It is often used in healthcare and wellness supplements to support immunity. However, there is no strong scientific evidence that supports its effectiveness on brain

health and related conditions (6)


CollaGenius supplement includes 2450 mg of bovine collagen and 200 mg of marine collagen. 

You may know collagen is an important compound that helps in the tightening and rejuvenation of skin, but you may not know collagen peptides are also efficient in improving the work efficiency of the brain.

Moreover, it helps to improve joints, muscles, bones, hair, skin, and nail health (7). 

With the regular intake of CollaGenius drinks you are supposed to benefit from all these, if it works it is a miracle remedy, but does CollaGenius really work? If yes, what is the science behind it?

How Does It Compare With Other Popular Brain Supplements?

There are many brain supplements in the market and you might be wondering how CollaGenius compares with them.

Well, I took the time and found some of the most popular (by reviews) brain supplements out there and I’ve created a small comparison table.

It will help you understand how CollaGenius compares with other brain supplements in the market.

ProductsPrimary FunctionMain IngredientsBest Price
CollaGeniusMaximize brain health by boosting BDNF production.Mushrooms$47.20 (5 pack)
CogniBioticsOptimize brain health by improving gut-brain microbiota.Probiotics$51.00 (5 pack)
NeuroActiv6Helps Stay focused, calm, and healthy Herbs$38.16 (6 pack)

CollaGenius Pros and Cons

Following are the highlights of Nootopia CollaGenius brain health dietary supplement:

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CollaGenius Dosage

For the maximum CollaGenius effect, add 4 tablespoons of CollaGenius® to an 8 oz glass of water and mix it up – preferably using a mixer or a hand-mixer. Do this once per day.

CollaGenius Side Effects

There are no reported CollaGenius side effects. As much as I tried searching online, I couldn’t find any.

Nevertheless, make sure to consult a doctor before adding any pill or supplement to your diet.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy the CollaGenius products from their official website where it is available with a buy once, and subscription policy.

With the subscription, you can get a good discount on every package. Moreover, it is also available for sale on the official store of BiOptimizers, where it is available at relatively lower prices than the official site along with free shipping (over $90 purchase) and some amazing surprises (“From Sick to Superhuman” blueprint, and free bonus gift).

Buy from the official CollaGenius website:

Buy from the official BiOptimizers store (+ 10% OFF when use code “FDN10”


Here is the little comparison table for the prices of CollaGenius supplement at the official site, and BiOptimizers store:

Package (520g)Subscription price from CollaGenius Website or Biopimizers StoreBuy Once price from CollaGenius Website or BiOptimzers Store
1 Jar$62$71
3 Jar$153 ($51/bottle)$180 ($60/bottle)
5 Jar$236 ($47/bottle)$281 ($56/bottle)
Use coupon “FDN10” for extra 10% OFF when shopping from BiOptimizers store.
image of a 90 day guarantee badge

COLLAGENIUS 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

CollaGenius comes with a 365-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with CollaGenius you can return back any unopened bottles and they will refund your money (minus shipping and handling fees).

Click Below To Choose Your Discounted Package:

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CollaGenius Review: Ingredients, Pros & Cons, Side Effects

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GMP Cetified, Made in USA and Non GMO trust signs.

Who Is the manufacturer?

The manufacturer of CollaGenius is a newly found company called Nootopia. Nootopia is the sister company of the well known company BiOptimizers – the company behind popular supplements such as MassZymes, Magnesium Breakthrough, Cognibiotics etc.

Nootopia acts as the brain optimization and nootropics “arm” of BiOptimizers. It’s goal is to offer a variety of supplements, and programs to people aimed to promote brain health. 

Final Thoughts on CollaGenius: Should You Buy It?

CollaGenius seems to be a good brain supplement, mainly for two reasons.

First, it’s ingredients are all extensively backed by science and second, it is made by a trusted company in the US – not some shady company that you might not feel comfortable doing business will.

So, if you are looking for a brain boosting supplement, I would give CollaGenius a try and observe the results. If this products does not suit my needs, I can easily return it back and get a refund.

CollaGenius Reviews

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