Dates Are The Healthiest Fruit And Also A Natural Cure

Dates Are The Healthiest Fruit And Also A Natural Cure

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Dates – The Healthiest Fruit in Nature

You probably know dates as the fruit your grandma talked about all the time. In the past, people used dates as a way to fix digestive problems. It’s all thanks to their nutritional profile. Dates are incredibly rich in fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

Let’s take a look at what 100 gr. of dates contains:

  • Fiber: 7 gr.
  • Protein: 2 gr.
  • Carbs: 75 gr.
  • Vitamin B6: 12% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 14% of the RDI
  • Iron: 5% of the RDI
  • Copper: 18% of the RDI
  • Potassium: 20% of the RDI

Apart from these nutrients, dates are also full of antioxidants such as carotenoids, flavonoids, and phenolic acid. These amazing nutrients can treat a wide range of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, and even some types of cancer.

The Main Health Benefits of Dates

  • Due to the high amount of potassium, dates can reduce the risk of stroke by 40%.
  • Dates will improve your digestion and detoxify your body, effectively improving your overall health.
  • Drink a smoothie made with dates every day to reduce the risk of heart problems.
  • Thanks to the presence of lutein and zeaxanthin, dates can effectively reduce the risk of macular degeneration and other eye problems.
  • As we already mentioned, dates are full of fiber, making them a perfect remedy for digestive problems such as constipation.
  • The high magnesium content of dates can boost your blood flow and effectively lower your blood pressure.
  • Dates contain a lot of calcium which will improve your bowel movements and support your digestion.
  • Thanks to the rich presence of iron, dates can improve the oxygen flow to the brain and keep your memory sharp.
  • Thanks to their high fiber content, dates are the perfect fruit for losing weight.
  • Drink a smoothie with dates and cardamom to boost your libido.
  • Thanks to the high phosphorus content, dates are great for your brain capacity.


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