Decrease Cellulite And Detox Your Skin And Body By Dry Skin Brushing! Take A Look At How To Do It Properly!

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As time passes, our body becomes filled with toxins as well as waste that we have to eliminate. Our lymphatic system cleans it and helps us function better. This system transports a fluid which is clear or sometimes white through our whole body. It contains lymphocytes e.g. the white blood cells which fight bacteria that can be present in our blood.

Our lymphatic system contains filters which are called lymph nodes. They can catch toxins, viruses and bacteria and eliminate them through filtration.

If we sit for a long period of time and we don’t exercise, toxins only build up in our body. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to present you one of the ways that can help you prevent toxin overload.

It’s called dry skin brushing and it’s recommended by numerous experts as it’s really effective, but it’s also cheap.

In What Way Does This Dry Skin Brushing Function?

Our skin is considered to be the largest organ we have which is extremely important for body detoxification. 1/3 of all of the toxins inside our body become eliminated through the pores of our skin. When we perform dry brushing, the pores become unclogged so the toxins can easily be eliminated.

Here’s How To Perform Dry Skin Brushing:
  • Buy a natural brush made of bristle preferably with a longer handle, so that you can use it on your back easily.
  • Perform this in your bathtub before you have a bath or a shower.
  • First, start by brushing your feet. Then, start using long sweeping motions that will go toward your heart.
  • You should overlap and use the brush for several times in every area.
  • Be extra careful when you’re in areas that are very sensitive, like for example, your breasts.
  • When you finish with the dry brushing on your whole body, you can bathe or shower.
  • Pat the skin which is dry and apply some coconut or rose hip oil in order to obtain moisturization.
  • You can do the procedure up to 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

Which Are The Health Benefits Dry Skin Brushing Offers?

  • Increased Circulation
  • Exfoliation
  • Stimulated Lymphatic System
  • Decreased Cellulite  
  • Improve Function Of Our Kidneys As Well As Our Digestion
  • Stress Relief

This interesting method has been recommended more and more with every single day. It has been praised by numerous health experts as well as naturopathic doctors, so don’t hesitate. If you want to eliminate toxins, just use dry skin brushing and your body will be cleaner than ever!

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