Digestion: Three herbs that fight bloating and help digestion

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The three herbs, rich in essential oils and enzymes, can prove miraculous for the digestive system and the best thing is that we all have them in our kitchen

Modern lifestyles and poor eating habits are increasingly affecting our digestive system. Discomfort, bowel dysfunction, and even weight gain can be due to a problematic digestive system. Antacid drugs ( a class of medicines that neutralize the acid in the stomach) can help significantly, but more natural solutions can be found in our kitchen cupboard as well.

Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of herbs that thanks to the essential oils and/or enzymes they contain can contribute to better digestion.

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Below we present 3 herbs that can help you with food digestion.


ginger longevity foods

Ginger is a favorite nostrum in India for the treatment of all digestive discomforts, from indigestion and nausea to bloating.

Ginger is thought to protect the gut, help faster food circulation through the gastrointestinal tract and reduce gases, bloating and cramps [1]. It also activates the taste buds and the flow of gastric fluids.

According to Ayurveda (“the science of life” in Sanskrit and the “Mother of All Therapies” as it is often referred to), as one of the oldest systems of traditional medicine in India, ginger is an excellent herb for “harnessing the digestive flame”.

Some alternative doctors of Ayurveda even suggest chewing a mixture of a little shredded or grated fresh ginger before each meal, with a few drops of lime juice and a pinch of salt (best Himalayan or Hawaiian salt).

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Black pepper

black pepper seeds

Spicy pepper contains the piperine compound, which enhances digestion naturally and contributes to better absorption of foods [2]. In addition, black pepper improves the secretion of hydrochloric acid which further helps to improve digestion [3].


pink carnation flower

The eugenol found in Dianthus caryophyllus, commonly known as the carnation or clove pink, proves particularly effective in the treatment of gastric problems such as indigestion and flatulence [4].

A decoction or hot water with a little clove is an ideal way to take advantage of its beneficial properties.

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