Drinking Wine is More Important than Exercise to Living Past 90

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Science has been trying to find the secret to longevity for years. There have been many studies done on what helps the oldest people in the world live that long, but sadly, the findings weren’t conclusive. In 1981, a study titled Leisure World Cohort Study investigated various factors linked to long life in over 14,000 participants. Of course, the study also investigated modifiable risk factors for mortality and dementia as well as the rates of cognitive and mental decline.

The participants were asked to take neurological and neuropsychological tests twice a year, while also providing information on their general state of health, lifestyle habits, and the medications they were on. When the study ended, the results were surprising. As it turned out, the participants who had a drink or two per day were actually healthiest and lived longer than the others.

Can Alcohol be the Answer to Living Longer?

Using data from that study, a recent research found out that having a drink or two per day (wine, beer or liquor) reduces the risk of dying up to 15% (between 9 and 15%). Participants from the 1981 study who also exercised 15-45 minutes saw a further 20% reduction. That’s a lot.

Of course, we’re not saying that drinking all day long will help you live longer. The secret, according to Dr. Jim Becker who was heavily involved in the study, lies in moderation. Dr. Becker says that especially in the case of red wine, moderation is highly important. It’s not that alcohol is the solution to longevity, but it could be more important than exercise to living well above the average.

In general, doctors recommend no more than a drink for people over 65, and a maximum of two drinks for those under 65. Moderate alcohol consumption can also reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. On the other hand, too much alcohol has been linked to heart disease and other mental and physical conditions, so we just can’t stress the importance of enjoying alcohol in moderation.

So, you’re free to enjoy a drink or two every day, just don’t overdo it. Exercise and a proper diet are also important. The combination of these things may actually be the key to longevity, so if you want to live past 90, it’s worth giving a try.


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