Essential Oils Hide This Truth That No Oncologist Will Ever Tell You!

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There have been some studies lately which prove that essential oils can help against different types of cancer and serve as a natural remedy.

Cancer usually appears when you have a frequency of 58 MHz. Our body should have a frequency between 62 and 78 MHz. One thing that can decrease the frequency are negative thoughts. It can even lead to a decrease of 12 MHz. Positive thoughts on the other hand increase the frequency by 10 MHz.

Our health can be affected by numerous things in numerous ways.

Essential oils have the ability to change our frequency. They’re antibacterial.

Using essential oils can also help us have our DNA code repaired so we’ll have more chances to beat cancer.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Unfortunately, not every oil present on the market is of therapeutic grade since they’re mostly combined with different additives like alcohol which makes their quality lower.

Always buy oils that come from a trusted seller. Those are more likely to be pure oils.

R.O. Becker wrote a book called “The Body Electric” where there are claims that the electric frequency we possess determines our complete health.

Nikola Tesla was among the first people who claimed that eliminating outside frequencies can help us prevent numerous illnesses and diseases. Dr. Otto Warburg conducted a research which claimed that our human cells operate at a very specific electrical voltage.

Numerous other researches claim that essential oils of high frequencies can help us eliminate or prevent diseases which are of low frequencies.

These are some essential oils with the electrical frequencies they have:

  • Helichrysum — 181 MHz
  • Lavender — 118 MHz
  • Angelica — 85 MHz
  • Frankincense — 147 MHz
  • Peppermint — 78 MHz
  • Rose — 320 MHz
  • Juniper — 98 MHz
  • Sandalwood — 96 MHz

The Healing Abilities Essential Oils Possess

The essential oils which showed the best effect against breast cancer cells were: cinnamon, jasmine, chamomile and thyme oil. Chamomile oil managed to eliminate 93% of the cells in vitro, while thyme oil destroyed 97% of them.

Chamomile oil is abundant in antioxidant properties which offer the ability to fight against cancer cells effectively.

There were 11 oils included in the study among which: peppermint, sage, thyme, chamomile, winter savory, lavender, bitter and sweet fennel oil, too.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is extremely powerful. It has the ability to divide the nucleus from the cytoplasm of every cell and prevent it to reproduce. It eliminates cancer cells since it’s full of monoterpenes.

This oil can help you in any stage of cancer since it’s cytotoxic and it only destroys the sick cells. The healthy ones remain intact.

It is helpful against various types of cancer.

A Patient With End-Stage Liver Cancer

This patient was included in the study with only several months of life left. He had a very big tumor and he decided to try this oil because there was nothing to lose.

The size of the tumor became reduced very quickly. He used the oil topically on the area where his liver was. He also applied several drops of it under the tongue. The following visit to his doctor showed a dramatic change! Even the doctors were stunned by the discovery that the size of the tumor was so reduced that it can be operated! The patient only needed 1 operation. The tumor was eliminated and he now lives a healthy life without any sign of cancer!  

A Patient With Bladder Cancer

This was a case of a woman called Hackie Hogan. She had to have her bladder removed instantly because of the bladder cancer she had.

She decided to try the amazing natural oils like sandalwood and frankincense oil by applying them topically. After only several months, she was given the chance to live a life free of the terrible cancer she had!  

A Child With Brain Cancer

This was the saddest case of all: a 5-year old girl who had brain cancer. Her parents and doctors had tried everything they could, so they also decided to try a combo made of frankincense and sandalwood oil.

They rubbed it on her feet, but they also applied lavender oil on her wrists. After several months of use, the girl was able to continue her life free of cancer!

A Patient With Breast Cancer

The study also included a woman with breast cancer in an advanced stage. She was told to use a combo of frankincense and lemongrass oil that she applied topically, but also consumed it under her tongue. In only several months, she was free of cancer!

A Cancer Patient In Stage-4

This woman had a stage-4 lung cancer which has also begun spreading to the other organs.

She didn’t want to take chemotherapy. Instead, she decided to try the natural essential oils like frankincense oil. She applied it only on the affected area topically. She repeated the process on several hours. After only 7 months, she was free of cancer!

A Patient With Cervical Cancer

This woman had advanced cervical cancer and doctors only gave her several months to live. She decided to use frankincense oil and just like the examples that we mentioned before, she lived her life free of cancer after only several months of use.

There are also other cases of patients who tried essential oils against various types of cancer and managed to defeat it since these oils are very beneficial and really powerful!

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