Finally! An Overdue Solution To The Prescription Opioid Epidemic Has Been Released

Finally! An Overdue Solution To The Prescription Opioid Epidemic Has Been Released

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A Seattle based team of philanthropic entrepreneurs recently released a solution to the prescription opioid epidemic. Reducere is a mobile application empowering practitioners to provide the safest opioid taper schedules.

The problem with taking people off of prescription opioids too fast is that people end up seeking illegal sources of opioids to stop the painful and unnecessary withdrawal symptoms and this leads to overdose deaths.

Finally! An Overdue Solution To The Prescription Opioid Epidemic Has Been Released

“My doctor cut me off of pain medications that he prescribed for years,” says Makayla Lennon, “I ended up in the ER almost dead after a friend offered me a pill to stop the horrible withdrawal symptoms. I never asked for this…”

Although overdose deaths from prescription opioids seem to be decreasing, there is a simultaneous increase in heroin overdose deaths. In the US at large, 80% of people who use heroin first misused prescription opioids and roughly 21 to 29 percent of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them.

According to the creators, Reducere’s sophisticated algorithm provides the most tolerable and safest tapering schedules in a matter of seconds. “There are no longer any excuses to make patients unnecessarily suffer through this process,” states a Reducere subscriber.

“Genius tool for practitioners! I love that they donate funds to help those in need of continued complimentary care. Opioid use has touched most of us in one way or another, regardless of our professions, and this is a crucial tool that provides practitioners a fool-proof way to help their patients get their lives back. Thank you!” – A Reducere user

Lawmakers continue to aggressively threaten practitioners with disciplinary action or even suspensions. This has caused a fear amongst doctors who unintentionally worsen the opioid problem by yanking patients off opioids too fast for no good reason.

The Reducere application can do in about 20 seconds what could take providers hours to accomplish, including safety measures and limits on medications with ceiling doses – such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

“A tapering calculator has been talked about in the medical industry yet no viable options have ever been created. Therefore, we decided to bring genius minds together in order to create this much-needed solution.” – Dr Beno Kuharich, DO

Practitioners simply enter the medication, dose, frequency, and desired taper rate, the application then outputs a schedule that will not leave anything to question for the future of practitioners and their patients.

Finally! An Overdue Solution To The Prescription Opioid Epidemic Has Been Released

Reducere is a subscription based service created by Kardiia, a philanthropic organization that donates profits to further support individuals needing alternative pain treatment not covered by insurance.

“Reducere is truly a life saving technology,” says Jeilymar Brady, CEO of Kardiia. “It is imperative that we share this technology with the community and provide individuals with the resources to contact their providers and demand a safe and practical taper schedule for their opioid prescriptions.”

Future versions of the Reducere application will include additional medications such as antidepressants, benzodiazepines, neuropathics, and more.

Their website is and you can also learn more through their comprehensive video walkthrough at


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