French Law Makes It Illegal To Contact Employees After Work Hours

French Law Makes It Illegal To Contact Employees After Work Hours

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Finally, a Win for the Working-Class Hero!

In today’s, well, honestly, great news, it’s finally a win for the average working Joe. A new law brought just before 2019, France is prohibiting any companies with 50 workers or more to email employees after working hours. Gone are the days where you come back home expecting to relax and your boss nags you via email to finish one more task. It was even worse over the weekend!

Well, not it’s time to relax indeed. Well, only if you’re from France. The European country gives employees a total of 30 days of and 16 weeks of full-paid family leave. Add the latest law to the mix and France could very well become the most desirable country for workers. The so-called “right to disconnect” law means that companies can’t contact their employees for more work after hours (50-or-more-employees companies only) as studies have shown that people have a hard time disconnecting from their workplace. Over time, this could lead to depression and serious disorders, eventually raising the risk of suicide.

What Does the Law Say?

Although there are no penalties for the spill of work into the employees’ private lives, companies are required to specify the times when they can’t contact their employees. In the beginning, everyone mocked the law. However, lawmakers were adamant it is necessary in order to prevent the mental and physical well-being of all employees. More often than not, people just can’t disconnect from work due to being pushed too hard. They aren’t able to rest properly, which raises a lot of trouble.

Some companies think that the law (brought as part of a controversial Labor law) will destroy worker unions and cause job insecurity. It remains to be seen if its effects are negative or positive, but we certainly applaud the French government.


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