How to Become a Life Coach and Start Changing Other People’s Lives

life coaching

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Helping other people – and most importantly people you care the most – overcome their everyday life struggles is perhaps one of the most satisfying and serotonin-boosting things you can do in your life.

The satisfaction you get by doing this is so big that you become addicted. It’s like a drug. A good drug.

The Problem

The biggest problem people who want to help other people face all the time is that they lack credibility. And, here’s what I mean by saying credibility.

If you don’t sit behind an office, wearing a white rob and having a certificate above your head, people will not listen to your advice even if you are 100% correct of what you say to them.

On the other hand, people who sit behind a desk, wear a white robe and have a certificate above their head are being listened to and considered as professionals, even if what they say are complete bs.

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The Solution

The solution to this ”problem” is to become certified at what you want to be. By saying certified I mean, getting a piece of paper from a respected authority that people trust, that will say that you know what you are talking about.

A certification that will show people that you attended a class, you learned stuff and you are accredited to teach them further.

Also, according to research, people with certificates tend to have a higher income than people with bachelor or associate degrees.

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How do I become a certified life coach

One such certification can be obtained from the Spencer Institute. For example, Spencer Institute offers 15+ certifications in a wide range of coaching and personal development topics such as Wellness Coach Certification, Life Strategies Coach Certification, Corporate Wellness Coach Certification, Mind-Body Fitness Coach Certification and many more.

It also gives you a complete business training and coaching success system as a gift with every coaching program you get.

Also note, that these coaching programs are not expensive and can be attended online at your own pace, as better fit to your schedule. For example, with an investment of less $300, you can become a corporate wellness coach and start your corporate coaching career. How awesome is that?

Now that you have sorted this out, nothing is stopping you from start helping people feel good for doing it and get paid at the same time. Excuses are no more.

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