How To Have A Life That Leaves You Feeling Fulfilled And Satisfied

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Do you wake up in the morning already lacking the motivation to even get out of bed? Then, maybe you force yourself to get up, shower, have breakfast, and yet you still don’t feel like tackling the day ahead? If this is happening to you every day, then it’s a sign that you are living an unfulfilled life and that you are not satisfied.

It’s one thing to feel confused from time to time about the direction your life is taking or what you are suppose to do next. It’s completely another thing to be unhappy on a daily basis to the point that your life feels like a chore. The first step is to notice that what you are feeling is not right and make the decision to do something about it; It’s the only way things are going to change for you.

Perhaps you just want to do something different with your life, or you feel like you’re meant for something bigger. But, most likely you have no idea why you are feeling unfulfilled. So, here are a few reasons why you might not be satisfied with your life. Hopefully they will help you to take a step towards a fulfilled and happy life.

You’re Wasting Time And You Don’t Realize It

Take a look at your daily schedule and how you’re managing your time. Do you have the “I’ll do it tomorrow” habit? Break it. Are there things you are doing that won’t contribute to a better future for you and are therefore a waste of precious time? Replace those activities with productive things. By re-examining your life you will find out what is working well and what isn’t getting you anywhere. Then, make a better daily and weekly plan for yourself with this knowledge.

It’s not enough for you to just get out the door and sit at your work desk scrolling through social media untill you clock out. Your soul needs more than this to feel good. Be as productive as possible, and use your time to be constantly improving your life and things around you. Otherwise, you will most likely start feeling like your life is meaningless. In the end, the point is to understand yourself better, acknowledge where you need to improve, and break time-wasting habits.

You Have Lost Touch with Yourself

There has to be something that you do in life which makes you feel good. If you neglect this important need, you will begin to lose touch with yourself. When you stop doing something that makes you feel good about yourself, or if it falls down on your list of priorities, it will leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Everybody’s needs are different and, therefore, there is not one specific thing you can do to feel good about yourself. The best example of something, though, is exercise (working out). There was a study made by Ceren Doğan from the Department of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London which shows the connection between going to the gym and people feeling good about themselves. Doğan explains how this works in more than one way:

“Overall, it is argued that for many participants gym exercise is more than physical training; it is also training for life. Based on a thematic analysis of 32 semi-structured interviews it is argued that gym workout is a means to create better versions of the self on mainly three levels. First, gym participants perceive themselves to be efficient and productive in general. Second, gym training is believed to increase the control they have over their lives. Third, gym members associate their gym workout with amplified emotional resilience, believing that fitness workout makes them not only fitter in a physical sense but also fitter and better equipped in a psychological sense. “


You Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Not doing enough is a problem, but doing too much is also bad. If you end up putting too much pressure on yourself, you’ll slowly feel the drive disappear day by day.

You Don’t Finish Things

Maybe you keep coming up with good ideas but never following through with them.  After a while, this will turn into a habit. When that happens, you will start to feel like you can’t do anything which will leave you feeling very unfulfilled. If this sounds like you, it’s ok. Habits can be broken. All you have to do is take back control by finishing your projects. Think up something small to do and DO IT. Start to create a new mentality for yourself that, when you get an idea to do something, you do it!

You Do Not Have Social Life

Even if you are a loner, human beings are naturally social animals. So, even if you like to be alone, it is not natural for you to live a completely isolated life. Even if there are just a couple of people you have contact with, reach out to them. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because, in the end, you will feel more happy and fulfilled.

You Lack Purpose

If lack of purpose is the problem, you might not realize it’s the reason you are feeling unsatisfied. That’s because you can easily live a good life on the outside, completely masking your unhappiness with the polite smile you put on for the public. Then, day after day of doing this, you brainwash yourself to think you are what you are pretending to be.

You even have a good job and a nice family…which will only make you feel bad about feeling unsatisfied, although you shouldn’t. If this sounds like you, and you know your purpose but have lost it along the way, you can always change direction and find it at any point. To help, Peter H. Diamandis uses a self-talk technique that involves asking himself the following questions:

“It’s going back to ‘Why do I believe this is important?‘ It’s, ‘Look how far I’ve taken it so far.’”

You Feel Distant

This final reason is about being present without really being present. If you feel like your mind is somewhere else all the time, then you are too distant from the moment. When you are distant from the moment, you are not living in the NOW. The moment NOW is all we really have…if you don’t even have that, how will you ever be satisfied?

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