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From a very early age, kids are being warned by teachers and parents about the dangers of sweets to the teeth and how it causes cavities. However, this is only half the truth. Apparently, it is possible to take a lot of sugar without suffering from cavities as a consequence.

How Exactly Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

Streptococcus Mutans is the cavity-causing bacterium that utilizes sugar as a source of energy in order to multiply. The number of bacteria grows exponentially just like atomic particles which occur within a short period of time.

Acid is the by-product released from this cavity-causing bacteria, however, this complicates matters because the excess release of acid causes the demineralization of the teeth.

The process that weakens the enamel based on the loss of important molecules in the enamel structure is called demineralization. The teeth will begin to suffer from decay after an extended period of time as the cavity-causing bacteria start to feed on the affected areas by releasing acid.

If care or prevention is not admitted immediately the cavity might deepen to the 2nd layer of the tooth called the dentine. After which it will penetrate through it and then infect the pulp of the tooth. If this happens, you will have to be treated using the root canal treatment which is quite painful and will be very expensive to treat.

How to Reverse Your Teeth Cavities Naturally
– The root canal treatment

The solution to this is through administering remineralization which is the natural process used to strengthen the enamel and repair it. In order to have healthy teeth and gum, you can make use of a remineralizing gel.

The goal is to make your teeth mineralize rather than demineralize. However, if you do not have the required knowledge, your teeth can still suffer even after purchasing remineralization gel products and taking steps to mineralize your teeth.

The author of ”Dentist be damned”, Alice Barnes shared in her book that drinking soft drinks is the major enemy to our teeth. A cavity-causing bacterium makes use of sugar as a source of energy to multiply and release acid as a byproduct which results in demineralization. 

Soft drinks like Coca-cola or Pepsi, which are highly acidic due to their high content of phosphoric acid might not quench your thirst but will give you a soothing feel and at the same time destroy your teeth. Soft drinks are really available to American kids today hence their oral health suffers greatly.

Those who suffer most, in this case, are the parents mainly because they end up paying huge fees to the dentist for their kids’ cavities to be drilled and filled. The family dentist hardly warns them against this, so as soon as they are out of the clinic they are back to drinking sodas again and then aggravate the damage of the teeth. This cycle will continue until the kid becomes an adult losses many teeth and then results in dentures.

The Dentist be damned program created by Alice, teaches readers how to adequately remineralize their teeth and avoid any possible cavities by eliminating cavity-causing bacteria and educating readers on many topics that dentists will originally not share.

By adhering to this program you will reduce unnecessary dental expenses and save a lot of money. This program will be your savior if you have a fear of the dentist.

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