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In this Ignite Drops review I’m presenting my research findings about this new weight loss supplement that’s been taking the weight loss industry by storm. My Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops review focuses on the product’s ingredients and the scientific research that’s behind them.

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Do you think liquid weight loss products are a waste of time and money, as I used to think in the past? After researching Ignite drops I hanged my mind.

Look, I’ve written hundreds of reviews for FoodNurish and I’ve tested hundreds of weight loss products.

Ignite Amazonian Sunrise drops is a unique and potent supplement, and after doing my research I concluded that it may be as effective as weight loss tablets and capsules.

Nevertheless, what makes it so powerful and effective for weight loss you may think?

Manufacturers of this weight loss supplement and Ignite Drop reviews across the web claim that it can help you lose up to 1 lb of weight every day – which I find it an exaggeration.

To achieve such results, you need to limit your calorie intake to 500-1000 per day – which is not that healthy if you ask me..

So, how Ignite Drops can work to melt that excess fat so fast and even without the risk of health effects?

Let’s take the cloth off the matter and reveal the truth of this weight loss supplement which is hyping over the internet and making people assume what it is.

Ignite Drops Review

Here’s a quick overview of the product:

Product ImageImage of Ignite Amazonian Rise Drops supplement
NameIgnite Amazonian Sunrise Drops
CategoryWeight Loss Supplement
Official Websiteignitedrops.com
Primary Function✅ Activates BAM15 Hormone
✅ Burns Fat 287% faster
Special Features✅ All-Natural ingredients
✅ Made in the USA
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Non-GMO
✅ Easy to swallow
Dosage💧10 drops per day.
Best for✅ Men and Women Over 35 years who want to lose weight faster
Not Recommended for❌ People below 18 years old
❌ Pregnant women
❌ If you drink alcohol or take any other medicine.
Price💲$69 for 1 bottle + Shipping
💲$156 for 2+1 bottles + Shipping
💲$246 for 3+1 bottles + FREE Shipping
Refund Policy🔃 150 days complete money-back guarantee
SummaryIgnite Drops is made by 100% natural ingredients which claims that it activates the BAM15 hormone -a hormone that aids the body in burning fat much faster. The product’s ingredients are backed by scientific evidence. I suggest people try it and if they see that it doesn’t help them with their goals, ask for a refund following the instructions found in the product’s official website.
Where To Buy?

Ignite Drops Pros & Cons

If you want to skip the long reading, I’ve summarized the Pros & Cons of Ignite Drops here:


  • 100% Natural and vegan composition
  • Ingredients backed by Science
  • Dissolve visceral fat and repair weight damage
  • Easy to take
  • GMO-free
  • Made with GMP standards in the FDA-approved facility
  • BOGO offer (buy one, get one free)
  • Free shipping on the order of 5 bottles
  • With 3 and 5-bottle packages, they give their ToxiClear supplement for free
  • 150 days money-back guarantee
  • No hidden charges, auto-shipping or rebills.


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not approved by the FDA.

What Is Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops?

Ignite Amazonian sunrise drops are nutritional supplements intended to support weight loss by boosting the BAM15 hormones (mitochondrial uncoupler).

Unlike weight loss pills, and capsules it comes in liquid form which you are suggested to take in the morning.

Manufacturers claim that it can help you melt the year-old stubborn fat without the risk of side effects. 

I’m wondering how a dietary supplement with only natural ingredients can be so efficient. 

Manufacturers claim that with every dosage of Ignite drops you get a significant activation of the BAM15 hormone which works to skyrocket your bodily function in which visceral fat burn is on the specific target. 

To understand how it works you first need to learn what BAM15 hormone is and how it works.

What is BAM15?

BAM15 is the novel mitochondrial protonophore uncoupler. It works by making the mitochondria (the powerhouse of cells) less efficient. It is classified as a protonophore because it can transfer protons across the mitochondrial membrane. 

The main use of BAM15 is to treat mitochondrial disorders caused by mutations in genes that encode proteins.

It is now available in the form of supplements which helps greatly in the management of obesity and weight loss. It helps in decreasing hepatic fat, inflammatory lipids, and insulin resistance.

BAM15 has been shown to be effective in mice, and it has also been tested in humans with great success (1) (2).

Ignite Drops Official website

Ignite Drops Ingredients

According to the manufacturers, Ignite sunrise drops are made of 12 premium natural ingredients which are only vegan and mostly sourced from the Amazon region (have strong therapeutic effects).

It is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities using plant-based nutrients, and minerals. As per Ignite drops reviews and makers, all of its ingredients are clinically proven to activate the BAM15 hormones and accelerate weight loss. 

Let’s take a closer look at each ingredient and see if it actually works for weight management or is just a marketing claim by the manufacturers:

☝️Number’s in brackets link to research papers and scientific articles that show the effectiveness of each ingredient.

Gymnema Leaf – Gymnema has a good reputation in the field of herbal medicines due to its strong antioxidant effects; however, scientific proof is limited to support its health benefits. Nevertheless, it helps in suppressing weight gain by reducing calorie intake. It also helps in decreasing weight by preventing the accumulation of triglycerides, and fatty acids in the liver and muscle cells. (3)

Forskolin Root – Ignite weight loss supplement uses the forskolin compounds taken from Forskolin root. This agent has strong anti-obesity and fat-burning effects (4). Moreover, it aids in the formation of enzymes (lipase and adenylate cyclase) responsible for utilizing fat for energy. It helps greatly in the management of weight without affecting lean muscle mass. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green tea leaf extract is widely used in weight loss supplements due to its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity properties.

Regular use of green tea leaf extract even in supplements raises thermogenesis which increases the calorie burn (5).

It contains a high amount of catechins and some caffeine which also boosts lipid metabolism and prevents unhealthy fat accumulation in the body (5) (6).

Grape Seed Extract – Grape Seed Extract is naturally abundant in potent antioxidants, polyphenols, and plant protein which helps greatly in the management of weight.

It helps in fat reduction, improves lipid metabolism, increases BAT heat production, improves insulin resistance, and prevents obesity (7)

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure obesity-related inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Panax Ginseng Root – Panax ginseng root is rich in antioxidants which help greatly in the reduction of inflammation and preventing the body from free radicals. Ignite manufacturers claim that it helps to raise the BAM15 level, but it is not evident by any scientific studies. Nevertheless, studies support its effectiveness in weight loss (8).

Guarana Seed – Weight loss supplements with Guarana seed nutrients have a significant result on weight management. It has a good profile of unique antioxidants, and polyphenols which help to improve insulin resistance, activate the brown adipose tissue, and prevent obesity (9)

Eleuthero Root – Eleuthero contains potent chemicals which activate thermogenic hormone production, reduce insulin resistance, improve weight-related fatigue, boost metabolism, and increase fat oxidation during exercise or calorie burning.

However, its weight loss effect is not supported by good scientific evidence. Nevertheless, it is used in traditional medicines for weight management and energy boosting. 

Capsicum Annuum Fruit – Capsicum Annuum fruit or simply known as red chili or bell pepper is a natural source of vitamin C.

Supplements with capsicum compounds are responsible for boosting metabolism, accelerating fat burn, reducing inflammation, and improving skin texture. Besides, it helps in the suppression of appetite, reduces fat accumulation, and lowers unusual cravings (10).

African Mango – African mango is a rich source of antioxidants, polyphenols, plant proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It helps greatly in weight management and obesity prevention although the studies on its weight loss effects are limited.

The fiber and antioxidant content help to improve digestion, improve gut microbiome and reduce fat accumulation while boosting metabolism (11).  

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Maca Root – Ignite drops manufacturers claim that maca root in their products’ formula helps to improve the activity of BAM15 proteins, but it is not a medical fact. Anyhow, its components are essentially helpful for weight loss and blood sugar levels, which makes it a good addiction in weight loss supplements (12) (13)

Astragalus Root – Astragalus root is not linked to weight loss directly, but it could help with weight loss by improving immunity, and normalizing blood sugar levels (14).

How Does It Work? Science Behind It!

According to the manufacturer’s claim, it works on the recent scientific finding of a hormone called BAM15, which is considered good to reverse diet-inducing weight gain.

With the regular usage of Ignite drops in the morning, you are supposed to have a strong antioxidant effect which helps in decreasing the inflammatory lipid cells in your body.

In simple words, with the activation of BAM15 proteins, you get a leading support in the metabolism of fat cells which leads to significant weight loss daily; as per manufacturers, you can lose 1 lb daily.

Irrespective of BAM15 activation, this product is beneficial for the activation of brown adipose tissue, thermogenesis, metabolism, and immunity which helps greatly in fat-burning, and weight management. 

What Are Ignite Drops Benefits?

Following are the highlights of Ignite weight loss supplement health benefits:

  • It helps to dissolve visceral fat (fat around the organs; liver, belly, etc.)
  • It helps to reduce the side effects caused by obesity.
  • Some of its components such as eleuthero root, Maca root, Grape Seed extract, and green tea extract also support brain and bone health.
  • In males, it helps to correct erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance.
  • It helps to prevent weight gain, and reduce inflammation.
  • It also helps to slow down aging and renew skin.
  • Besides, it helps to improve insulin resistance, blood sugar levels, physical activity, and energy levels.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As per manufacturers, and online Ignite Amazonian sunrise drop reviews it is less likely to cause side effects. However, it has been reported that some users have experienced a little fatigue, bloating, and constipation with this product in its initial dosages, which is reversible in time.

In the case of overdosage you are at the risk of following disorders:

  • Stomach ulcer
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Agitation
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney disorders
  • Restlessness

How Does It Compare With Other Supplements?

Below is a little comparison table of Ignite drops with other type of supplements in the market:

FeaturesIgnite Drops Dietary SupplementsPharmacological Pills
Natural compositionYesMostly yesNo
Side effectsLess likely to occurModerateMore likely to occur
Allergy safetyYesIn some cases NO (gluten traces, dairy, animal-based products)No
Prescription RequireNoNoYes
FAST results in as little as 1 weekNoNoYes
Health riskWhen overdosage or interaction occursWhen overdosage or interaction occursWhen overdosage or interaction occurs

☝️ Ignite drops is a generally safe weight loss supplement, but it could take 3 to 5 months for results to manifest. In order to lose fat quickly, you only have two choices: high-potency pharmaceutical pills or surgery, but these should only be undertaken under medical advice and prescription.

Where can You Buy Ignite?

Ignite drops are exclusively available on the official website. Today, it is available at 80% discount and amazing offers which include free shipping, a bonus supplement, and 150 days 100% refund guarantee. The offers aren’t available if you purchase the product elsewhere, so don’t miss out!

Buy from the official website


Here is the complete description of Ignite packages, have a look and pick one that’s best for you:

Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Review & Scientific References
Package NameBottles IncludePriceBonus
Basic1 bottle$69 + shipping fee✅ 150 days money-back guarantee
Popular2 bottles$156 ($78/bottle) + shipping fee✅ 1 free Ignite bottle
✅ 1 Free ToxiClear Supplement
✅ 150 days money-back guarantee
Best Value3 bottles$246 ($82/bottle)✅ 2 free Ignite bottle
✅ 1 Free ToxiClear Supplement
✅ 150 days money-back guarantee
✅ Free Shipping

Package 3 is the your best choice. If you just want to try it out you can go with only 1 bottle, or if you are pretty sure this product is best for you then you can go with 2nd or 3rd packages.

People Also Ask

In case you are not satisfied with the product outcomes, ask for a refund which is applicable within 150 days of Ignite purchase.

For a refund, the company demands you to send their product bottles (empty, or full) to their fulfillment center within 60 days of the original purchase date, along with your customer ID, home address, email ID, phone number, full name, and order slip. After receiving all the things, they give you a refund directly to your bank. 

Address: Ignite, 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO 80011

According to their website, Dr. Michael Frazier along with his wife Chloe and friend Rick Peterson is the manufacturer and spokesperson of Ignite weight loss drops. Michael Frazier is a globally renowned obesity and weight loss expert.

Manufacturers suggest taking 10 drops of Ignite drops in the morning before breakfast.

A measuring dropper comes with the Ignite packages, you must fill it with liquid and put the 10 drops underneath your tongue, hold for 30-60 seconds and then swallow. It ensures quick regulation of medication and better effectiveness. 

Amazonian sunrise weight loss drops are a legit and safe formula. Since it is made of only plant-based and risk-free ingredients therefore it is less likely to cause any major side effects. Nevertheless, in the initial doses, mild stomach discomfort is expected and manageable. 

Moreover, it is prepared in the FDA state-of-art facility which is normally considered the best in quality. Unlike other health supplements, it does not contain artificial flavors, chemically modified compounds, and toxin ingredients. 

Final Take – Ignite Drops Review

A large number of consumers have reported from online Ignite reviews that it has a significant effect on weight loss, with people losing 30 pounds in a month, which is a huge milestone for those who can’t lose weight. 

It would be fantastic if you combine it with a calorie-restricted diet and weight-loss exercise!

If you are still perplexed after reading this Ignite Drops review, I recommend that you try it first and then decide. If it works for you, it would be great, and if not, request a refund!

Also, you may want to check my LeanBiome Review and my Java Burn Review – which I wrote recently.

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