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Wi-Fi, the wireless technology we constantly use nowadays, is actually much more dangerous than we previously thought. For years, experts have been warning us of the dangers of Wi-Fi, but no one took them seriously. Now, science has confirmed that constant exposure to Wi-Fi is linked to numerous problems ranging from insomnia to brain problems.

How Does Wi-Fi Affect our Health?

For years, Wi-Fi radiation has been linked to problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. New studies have also associated it with impaired childhood development, cardiovascular problems, fertility issues, and a higher risk of cancer.

For the most part, Wi-Fi affects the function of our brain. It has been linked to impaired memory and loss of concentration as well as insomnia and anxiety. The low-frequency modulation of Wi-Fi and cell phones has been known to cause insomnia, and we all know how dangerous it is. Insomnia is a leading cause of many serious health problems and can even have fatal consequences.

When it comes to fertility, several studies have shown that Wi-Fi can damage sperm movement and count. It can impact fertility in a negative way and raise the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Many people respond negatively to electromagnetic frequency – the kind Wi-Fi devices radiate. The radiation can lead to rapid heart rate and raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a lot. Finally, although the link hasn’t been confirmed, Wi-Fi can also increase the risk of several types of cancer. The exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumors and directly speeds up the development of cancer.

How Can We Protect Ourselves from Its Dangerous Effects?

Preventing all the problems caused by constant Wi-Fi exposure is actually simple. Just turn off any Wi-Fi devices you’re currently not using, and put the wireless router as far away from your living room or bedroom as possible. When at home, use a wired phone – we know it looks bad, but you want to stay healthy, right?

Instead of talking on the phone, do more texting. Never use wireless baby monitors and disconnect your Wi-Fi before going to bed. All these tips will shield you from the negative effects of Wi-Fi and help you stay healthier.

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