Keep Jasmine Plant in Your Room. It Reduces Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

Keep Jasmine Plant in Your Room. It Reduces Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

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Plants are amazing! They aren’t only a decoration for our home, but they also improve the quality of air we breathe as well as the oxygen flow. You’ll be amazed when we tell you that there are also plants that can help us against depression, panic attacks and even anxiety!

There are numerous researches which prove that there is a direct connection between stress and our levels of oxygen. When the levels of toxins inside our home are high, we start feeling stressed and filled with anxiety.

If you try to make the air you breathe clean, you’ll alleviate anxiety and you’ll eliminate stress! It’s that easy!

The Best Plant For This Is Jasmine!

Research was done on lab mice and proved that when the area where they lived was filled with the aroma of jasmine from its essential oil, they became calmer. They only sat in one of the corner and looked like they were relaxed.

The fragrance of jasmine had a special effect on a chemical that goes by the name of GABA.

This can serve as a scientific proof that is always needed in the case of aromatherapy. Jasmine was even better than any medication against anxiety, sleeping pills or sedatives.

Treat Depression And Anxiety With The Help Of Jasmine Essential Oil!

Some of the things jasmine essential oil can help you with are: fatigue, sleep, happiness, anxiety, hormones, but it also:

  • Helps you feel less tense
  • You sleep better
  • The libido, PMS, mood swings and hot flashes are all eliminated
  • You feel more alert and with an improved cognitive performance
  • You’re happier!
  • Spasms can also be alleviated with the help of jasmine oil. It can also boost your concentration and alleviate mild depression.

Another Thing That Can Help You Against Depression Is Spirulina!

All the B-vitamins that you lack can be substituted with the help of spirulina, especially if it’s organic. You only need from 5 to 10 grams every day. You can find it in the form of powder or pills, but it will surely improve your overall health! 

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