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The new “secrets” of longevity do not only extend our lives but more importantly fill our years with life.

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For many, life expectancy is a matter of genes, but genetic predisposition does not seem to play such an important role, at least according to the scientific community.

Everyday and seemingly simple factors, such as lifestyle and diet, have long been shown to be perhaps the most central ‘keys’ to longevity, and not without reason.

It is not particularly surprising that just 15 minutes of exercise a day is enough to increase life expectancy by three years, according to a scientific study published in the Lancet medical journal.

Equally common is the general advice, which includes giving up smoking and limiting alcohol consumption, adopting a more Mediterranean diet, avoiding stressful situations, giving priority to relaxation, rest and happiness.

But the facts of everyday life are changing rapidly and with them, it seems that the scientific findings for longevity are also changing.

New Longevity Secrets

The new secrets that will become your favorite habits include:

Fall in love with the organisation

We first heard about the need for organization and scheduling in school and since then it seems that its benefits have only multiplied.

In fact, according to researchers, people who have been disciplined, organized and goal-oriented since childhood, maintaining these virtues throughout their lives, live 11% longer and have lower blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes or joint and heart problems.

This may be partly due to the fact that organized people are less likely to take dangerous risks or react negatively to stress and are considered more likely to have successful professional lives without neglecting their health.

Fewer calories, more life

The link between longevity and calorie intake has attracted scientific interest, with researchers finding a strong association between reduced calorie intake and both longevity and reduced risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.

In addition, calorie restriction may help reduce excess body weight and fat concentrated in the abdominal area, factors that studies suggest may reduce life expectancy.

It is therefore important to follow a balanced diet, with calories that do not exceed what the body needs and a high content of nutrients – the body’s fuel.

Miraculous polyphenols

We know that polyphenols are among the most anti-aging substances, as they protect cells from aging. New evidence is coming out to highlight another of their actions that contribute to longevity.

According to a study from the Food and Plant Research Institute in New Zealand, polyphenols can both enhance the gut microflora in your digestive system and extend our lifespan.

That’s because polyphenols, which give fruits and vegetables their bright colors and are also found in coffee, tea, nuts and legumes, break down into molecules that help beneficial digestive microorganisms.

In short, they can support gut health, which is increasingly recognized as vital to our overall wellbeing, giving us extra years of wellness.

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Mediterranean diet

Become more Mediterranean. Put aside the Western-style diet with its high animal fat, meat, sugar and salt and return to our traditional diet.

fruits and vegetables
Foods that exist in the Mediterranean Diet

Eat more pulses, fish, nuts, whole meal products such as whole meal rusk, trahanas, bulgur, etc., fruits, vegetables and use olive oil in food and cooking.

You still have a lot to learn…

Let your mind wander to something new and be inspired by new things because it is good for your health. A study published by Yale University School of Public Health suggest that people who read books live longer, with learning new skills promoting both memory and well-being.

Longevity: New Rules For Living Longer
Reading keeps your brain sharp and helps you live longer.

You can try activities such as painting and music, which are associated with improved brain function as they enhance communication between different areas of the brain.

They can also enhance psychological resilience, which is our defense against the difficult or stressful situations of everyday life.

People who continue to learn throughout their lives generally have better physical and mental health, which signals a reduced risk of heart disease and obesity.

Those who hurry don’t stumble

The benefits of walking for every person, regardless of age or weight, are well known. But a new study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, suggests that you could increase the years you live if you Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

People with a faster walking pace appear to have lived longer than those who walked more slowly, according to researchers who tracked the habits and death patterns of nearly 475,000 people, most of whom were in their 50s at the start of the study.

Walking fast can add years to your life.

The researchers reported that women who walked faster had a life expectancy of about 87 years, compared with those who walked slower, who had a life expectancy of 72 years. Men who walked faster had a lifespan of about 86 years compared to those who walked slower and had 65 years.

What do you do on your holidays?

We know that rest is crucial, but what we forget is that it doesn’t just involve sleeping. It is important that in addition to physical rest, you also prioritize mental rest.


In your free time, try to do things that fill you up, regardless of whether you are alone or with company.

The new expert secret is to take a few minutes to think about what you would do if you were on holiday. So “steal” a few hours and do something off the beaten track. If that’s not an option, don’t forget that there are several ways to do the same thing.

Instead of running on the treadmill, choose a run in a park or by the sea and “break” the monotony. The joy is in the details and the sooner we realize this, the longer and better we will live.

Final Words

Living Longer does not need to be to be a hassle.

To live longer just try to move as much as you can. You don’t have to run a marathon but you can try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week.

Also, try to do strength training exercises at least twice a week. Eating healthy is another way to help you live longer. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and study the Mediterranean way of life and what people in these countries eat more.

Also, being organized can help you live longer. When you are disorganized and stressed it can have an impact on your health. So try to be more organized in both your professional and personal life.

Finally, try to socialize as much as you can. Isolation is not good for your health so try to meet new people and cultivate old relationships.

These are just some tips that can help you live a longer and healthier life. Try to implement them in your daily routine and see the results for yourself.

Making small changes in your lifestyle can have a big impact on your health and longevity. Try to add more physical activity to your day, eat healthy foods, get organized, and socialize with friends and family. These simple tips can help you live a longer, healthier life.

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