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In this ”My Back Pain Coach Review” we examine and analyze the features and bonuses of this ”life-saving” program aiming people with sciatica and back pain problems.

My Back Pain Coach (or Back Pain Relief 4 Life) is the life savior for the people who are struggling with the problems of severe or mild back pain. We all know that health is real wealth, and it is the real blessing of God.

In short, we cannot enjoy the colors of this world without good health. When we use the word health, it means the state of complete emotional and physical well-being. However, health is the key to spend a progressive and productive life.

What is My Back-Pain Coach?

Lower/upper back pain is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. According to scientific data from World Health Organization, 540 million people from around the world suffer from lower back pain [1].

The problem is not that there isn’t a cure for this situation. The problem with modern medicine is that:

  • It is overreliance on medication rather than addressing underlying causes
  • It is limited focus on preventative measures
  • It lack’s of interdisciplinary approach
  • It is limited evidence-based treatments for chronic pain.

My Back Pain Coach is a back pain relief session program that works for men and women of all ages. Indeed, it is useful for all ages of life and works as a significant relief program. It works flawlessly and forces the body gently yet naturally to rebalance the nerves.

Treating Low Back Pain – What’s causing it

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Who Is Ian Hart – Who is the founder of “My back pain coach?”

my back pain coach review

Ian Hart is a certified strength specialist and founder of this easy to follow and hassle-free program. Due to the unique plan he developed, you do not need to take long medical treatments and sessions. Ian Hart knows how his patients who go through back pains feel because he has been a victim of this terrible situation as well. Ian tried almost all types of treatments to cure his back pains, but he didn’t succeed.

After all the medication’s failed, he met with a person named Bojan, who guided him. The Serbia citizen gave him tips to cut the pain. After a full recovery, Ian felt responsible for supervising others who are suffering from the same situation. So, till that time, Ian has helped many patients to get rid of the pains.

After all the struggle, Ian Hart designed the video therapy session to give advantage to others in the comfort of their home. The video sessions of Ian do not only help with the pain; instead, it targets the source of pain.

Features of My Back Pain Coach

After reading all the packages and information related to the Back Pain Coach, we now move towards the features. Through these headers, you can access the importance of the product in no time. The program is not all about the exercise sessions; instead, it hit the body to treat the real problem.

It is time to feel normal in less than 75% less time than regular exercises by ordering this fantastic program.

How does the back pain coach works?

I know it seems impossible to believe that there is something that can treat chronic back pains in just 16 minutes. But it is accurate and works naturally by releasing a wave of biochemicals in the body.

The exercise sessions from My Back Pain Coach, do wonders to your body. They also help your body to release blood and bring back the oxygen, and nutrition in the spine.

My Back Pain Coach Review
Illustration that depicts how bacd back support is pressing the sciatic nerve.

What Makes This Program So Effective

After reading all of the above information, you must be thinking about the program. Is there a question popping up in the mind that how some video sessions can work so effectively to cure the pains? It is not like yoga, Pilates, or even exercise; it is just a 16-20 minutes session that fits into your schedule.

There are a total of 8 simple movements that hit the specific mussels to adjust the imbalance. However, you simply need to put a towel or pillow under the head for better posture.

After all of the above steps, you will see a noticeable change related to flexibility and pain relief.

What Will You Learn from My Back-Pain Coach?

The above information is enough to build the trust related to this program. It is one of those that can change the life of a person who is going through with back pains.

So, mainly the program comes in the following four components;

Back Pain relief for life core training video

my back pain coach review

In this 28-minute-long video, you will find unique sequences of 8 movements to relieve back pain. There are no hard movements in this, and you can perform it anywhere in the comfort of your house.

However, for perfect posture, you will lie down and place a small towel under your head with a chair.

If you think that you will have to become a pain expert to treat, then it is not like that. However, you do not need anything for the study or medication to treat your problems. Further, just watch the video and address the lifelong challenge of backpain. 

Ten targeted coaching videos for pain relief

my back pain coach review

Above all, some people need more detailed information, that’s why these videos are the savior for them.

In these other ten targeted coaching videos, there is more data and information.

However, these ten short videos give more insight into the training sessions.

In these ten videos, you can find additional tips to get the most out of each session.

One on one coaching

my back pain coach review

Again, it is for the people who have unique problems with dense issues, because each customer has an individual situation.

So, in the one on one training and chat session, you could ask for the expert opinion.

If you order this, then there will be unlimited emails from the back pain coach team and Ian Hart.

Above all, if you still do not feel satisfied, then there is an option for the phone call. Here you can speak to Ian Hart or one of the representatives.

Apart from the above ways, the online sessions are one of the cheapest and best ways to order. However, through online courses, you can save an additional amount because it is only for the $67, and it is a one-time investment.

A special bonus of “Begin your day “program

Ian Halt started this with the vision to give relief to the people who are n severe pain. Above all, Ian Halt personally sees this program, and he gave his heart and soul to treat chronic illnesses.

For instance, some things demand some extra care or joints, and muscles need additional training. So, in the “Begin your day” program, there is a short but essential routine to prevent to save the back.

However, when you stretch the back in the whole day, the back pain will not bite you back.

There are the following things that include in the basic package to ensure the best customer service.

Product nameMy Back Pain coach
Basic productBackpain relief DVD videos
Bonus product9 targeted coaching video sessions for pain relief
BonusInstant access to online videos
Second BonusFree one- on – one coaching
Third bonus“Begin your day” video program
Another bonusQuick follow of videos along with music
Price of the whole package$67

Does My Back Pain Coach Program Work?

The short answer is YES. My Back Pain Coach program really works. If it is hard for you to believe that the “My back pain coach program” would be the life savior for you and your back pain problems, just read some of the real life examples and reviews from people who have been taken care of Ian Hart’s back pain program.

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My Back Pain Coach Video Reviews

Here are some more My Back pain coach video testimonials to aid in your decision.

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My Back Pain Coach Pros & Cons

So, for a better understanding, it is vital to know every aspect of the product. Therefore, here are the following pros and cons, which will help you to understand.

>> Click Here to Visit My Back Pain Coach’s Official Website <<

Bottom Line

Ian Hart designed this program to give maximum benefits to the customers with fancy pictures and manuals. Many other real-life examples will help you to get rid the leap of faith and take action. You just need to visit the website for enormous positive reviews and how this program changed their life.

However, you need to try this once to see if this program works for you or not. If you suffer from chronic back pains, sciatica and nothing else seems to be working, then this is the right stop to treat yourself.

My Back Pain Coach
my back pain coach review

My Back Pain Coach is a back pain relief session course that works for men and women of all ages. Indeed, it is useful for all ages of life and works as a significant relief program. It works flawlessly and forces the body gently yet naturally to rebalance the nerves.

Course Provider: Person

Course Provider Name: Ian Heart

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use exercised
  • Course made by a back pain expert
  • Can be done at home


  • May not be suitable for everyone
  • You may not see immediate results

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