New Study Claims Taking a Hot Bath Is the Equivalent Calorie-Wise of a 30-Min Walk

New Study Claims Taking a Hot Bath Is the Equivalent Calorie-Wise of a 30-Min Walk

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The Effects of Hot Baths on Our Health

Who doesn’t want a hot bath? It works great for relaxation after a long, hard day at work. A hot bath will clear your mind and relax your muscles and body, helping you fall asleep like a baby. The hot water and steam will also do wonders for your skin, and, according to a new study, may even burn more calories than walking or running.

It’s true – a recent study conducted at the Loughborough University showed that taking a hot bath (104-degrees Fahrenheit) can burn as many calories as riding a bike. The participants managed to lose 130 calories per bath (one hour), which is the same number of calories you’ll burn with a 30-minute hike or bike ride.

Here are some not-that-known benefits of taking hot baths:

Improve Blood Flow

The hot water and steam from the bath can boost your blood flow and relax your blood vessels. This will recharge your body and relax your muscles, effectively improving your cardiovascular health.

Improve Sleeping Patterns

Fill your bathtub with hot water, let the bathroom steam for 5 minutes, then put a few drops of lavender oil inside and soak in it for an hour. It will relax your whole body and mind, lulling you to sleep. Put your favorite pajamas on and you’ll visit dreamland in a minute.

Relax Sore Muscles

A hot bath will relax your sore muscles and ease any pain you’re suffering from. Hot water and steam reduce the levels of lactic acid in the body, effectively soothing the pain in your muscles and joints.

Prevent Sinus Pain

If you’re dealing with sinus pain often, hot baths can do wonders for you. Just relax in your bathtub for at least 30 minutes, and you’ll be able to breathe easier at once.

Help You Breathe Better

The hot steam rising from the bath will cut through the excess mucus in your lungs and reduce allergic symptoms. A hot bath works great against respiratory problems and will soothe your breathing problems instantly.

They may sound simple, but hot baths are far more beneficial than you think. It’s a cheap and effective remedy for a myriad of problems, so why not give it a try?

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