Oldest Mall In America Turned Into Tiny Homes

Oldest Mall In America Turned Into Tiny Homes

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The Arcade is a historic building in Rhode Island which was built in 1828. When you say it like that, it doesn’t exactly sound significant. However, that changes as soon as you learn that The Arcade is America’s oldest indoor shopping mall. Recently, the building was bought by Evan Granoff who decided to re-imagine the mall and turn it into almost 50 micro-condos. You heard that right – tiny condos (homes).


The ground floor of the Arcade is now filled with shops, cafes, bars, emporiums, and other shops. The tiny condos, however, are on the second and third floor. They have a complete living and sleeping space, bathroom, and even a pantry. There’s no cooking in the kitchen, though, as zoning regulations won’t allow it. Not that anyone would ever mind.

Granoff created the tiny lofts for people on the go who need a place for the night. This modern and environmentally-friendly solution is great for people who often travel for work. It gives them a place to stay for the night with all the conveniences a person might need without paying thousands of dollars. As one “customer” said, it’s all you need for one person.

How Big Are the Lofts?

The lofts are approximately 225 sq. feet in size, with some going up to 400 feet. They are already furnished and come with space-saving tricks as well. In order to save space, engineers came up with interesting solutions. The sliding drawers are built into the bed frame and there’s a stand-up shower in the corner of the bathroom. To further maximize space, it’s best to use slim coat hangers.

The kitchen, although without a stove is just what a person staying for one night needs. You can’t do the laundry in the small condos, but the bigger ones up to 800 sq. feet come with a personal washer and dryer.

The apartments have large windows, so you don’t have to worry about them being too dark. They are all oriented towards the center of the building so you’ll be getting natural light.

Most of the residents are satisfied with the condos. As one said, all the essential needs are downstairs and the tiny space gives a special feeling of security. Of course, The Arcade is equipped with security cameras, so there’s no reason to fear anything.

But, as one resident says, the real selling factor is that you don’t have a lot to clean up.

Now, buying the condos is a bit of a problem. There’s a really long waiting list, so you’ll have to write yourself down and wait. Still, you must admit that it’s an ingenious idea that works like a charm.


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