One Of The Most Effective Foods Often Used To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammation

One Of The Most Effective Foods Often Used To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammation

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Cabbage (Brassica oleracea), is a leafy green vegetable with a dense-leaved head. It’s a direct descendant of the wild cabbage and a close relative of cauliflower and broccoli. The size varies – some heads can be as small as 500 gr., while larger can grow up to 4 kg. Apart from being prepared into a variety of delicious dishes, cabbage has been a big part of natural medicine for centuries, all thanks to the rich fiber content and the variety of essential nutrients it contains.

The nutritional profile of cabbage includes vitamins A, C, and K, as well as fiber and plenty of minerals. Additionally, all cruciferous veggies contain the so-called glucosinolates (sulfur compounds) that have anti-cancer properties. We’re not saying that cabbage can defeat cancer, but its potential is promising.

Cabbage has been used to accelerate healing of wounds, boost digestive health, fight inflammation, and treat peptic ulcers. The vegetable can help with weight loss and detoxify the liver as well, so its health benefits are beyond our imagination.

Here are some of the best health benefits of cabbage:

Boosts Weight Loss

Thanks to its diuretic and detoxifying properties, cabbage can boost your digestion and help you lose weight. All you need to do is eat it more often and you’ll notice the results in no time.

Colon Detox

We all need to clean our colon every once in a while. A clean colon means perfect health, and cabbage is its perfect “cleaner”. Consuming the vegetable often can reduce the inflammation in your stomach and colon, effectively preventing different forms of digestive cancers.

Accelerates the Healing of Wounds

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, cabbage can boost the healing of minor wounds and help with sores and sore spots.

Blood-Building Properties

Anemia sufferers will benefit from a glass of fresh cabbage juice greatly. Drink it daily to boost your blood quality and defeat the condition.

Liver Detox

Consuming cabbage often will detoxify your liver and treat a variety of problems caused by it.

In order to get the most out of cabbage, you should consume it raw or juiced. Steamed and fermented cabbage works just as well – sauerkraut is an excellent source of vitamin C which is great for your immune system and can easily prevent colds and the flu.


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