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In this Red Boost Review, I take a deep dive on this new male enhancement supplement that promises to increase libido and help with erectile disfunction. My Red Boost review focuses on the supplement’s ingredients and the scientific studies behind them.

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If you’ve landed on this page, you may want to regain your rock-hard and long-lasting erections, or you are fighting premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and poor sex drive.

You found about this Red Boost supplement and wonder if it actually works for increasing sex performance, or if it is just make-up hype. 

Red Boost Blood Flow Support supplement claims to increase blood flow to your erectile tissue and reduce oxidative stress on the pelvic smooth muscles, resulting in a solid and long-lasting erection. 

Nevertheless, there are a number of dietary and pharmacological supplements in the market which are actually helpful in increasing the bed performance of man, so why do you need to consider the newly formulated Red Boost? Is it actually worth it?

This Red Boost Supplement review aims to analyze the product in depth based on scientific research and user reviews, so you can decide if the product is worth purchasing or not. 

I researched and found some interesting facts about this product, which I want to share in this Red Boost supplement review guide. So, let’s start with a quick introduction to the Red Boost supplement. 

Red Boost Review – Overview

Product ImageRed Boost Supplement
NameRed Boost Blood Flow Support
CategoryBlood flow support for sex organs
Official Websitehardwoodtonic.com
Primary Function✅ Reduce oxidative stress around the smooth muscles
✅ Maintain high Nitric Oxide levels in the bloodstream
✅ Increase blood flow in the entire body, especially in the erectile muscles
Special Features✅ Natural composition
✅ Made in the USA with Good Manufacturing Practices
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Stimulant free
✅ No habit-forming
✅ Easy to swallow 
Dosage💊💊 Two capsules in a day
Best for✅ Males with erectile dysfunction
✅ Premature ejaculation
✅ Delayed ejaculation
✅ Low libido
✅ Prostate inflammation
Not Recommended for❌ Males below 18 years old
❌ Males with chronic prostate disorders
❌ If you drink alcohol or take any other medicine.
Price (On Discounts)💲$59 for 1 bottle
💲$147 for 3 bottles
💲$234 for 6 bottles
Refund Policy🔃 180 days complete money-back guarantee
SummaryRed Boost’s ingredients are backed by scientific literature and research that prove that they indeed work. The supplement is not expensive (compared with other erectile dysfunction supplements). I would give it a try and if it doesn’t work, request a refund.
Where To Buy?hardwoodtonic.com

Red Boost Pros & Cons 

Following is the highlight of Red Boost blood flow supplement pros and cons:


  • Natural and powerful plant-based formula
  • 0% addition of stimulants, chemical agents, and artificial flavors
  • Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free
  • Easy to swallow
  • GMP-certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Made in the FDA-approved facility
  • Low profile of health side effects
  • Reasonably priced
  • Safe and secure order
  • 180 days money-back guarantee


  • Not intended to cure or prevent any disease.
  • Not evaluated by the FDA*.
  • Can cause bloating, nausea, or mild stomach discomfort in some cases(only in initial dosage)
  • Discounts are available for the limited time

In simple words, FDA – the Food And Drug administration of the US – is the authority that tells you whether a supplement or drug does what it says or not. The thing is, FDA does not evaluate supplements that are made with natural ingredients or homeopathic supplements because they simply don’t think that nature works. That doesn’t mean that these supplements don’t work. Hundreds of scientific evidence prove otherwise.

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification programme offers independent verification and certification of the basic production process and requirements needed for the implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety program.

What Is the Red Boost Blood Flow Support?

If you are a video type of guy, check this Red Boost Review I’ve found on YouTube which explain in detail what Red Boost is and how it works. If you are the reading type fella, continue reading the text version of this Red Boost review.

– Red Boost Review Video | Source: YouTube

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Red Boost capsule is a dietary supplement formulated with five powerful nutrients sourced from plant-based ingredients.

The product claims to help men with weak masculine strength and low sex drive. The manufacturer guarantees that with a regular dosage of Red Boost, a man can experience a youthful erection and a plethora of stamina during sexual intercourse. 

Red Boost seems to be a beneficial product for men – if it delivers what it promises (more on that further down this Red Boost review) because masculine strength greatly influences relationships, mental and physical health. But why Red Boost?

Red Boost claims its product is much different and more efficient than other male enhancement supplement, as it targets the root cause of many sex-related problems: oxidative stress and lack of blood circulation to the genital areas.

I have to admin that Red Boost supplement, has a unique composition of only high purity and rare plant-based ingredients – as per my analysis below.

But how does Red Boost work to increase your erection quality?

How Does It Work? Science Behind it

According to manufacturers, the Red Boost erectile dysfunction supplement is composed of powerful and rare nutrients that increase blood flow, boost nitric oxide levels and reduce inflammation in the body.

With the regular dosage of the Red Boost, the blood flow to the smooth muscle (which are small fibrous tissues around the pelvic floor that helps in getting and maintaining the erection) improves. It results in the trapping of healthy blood in the penis muscles, which allows an easy, rigid, and durable erection enough for sexual satisfaction.

Red Boost Review: A Legit Formula or a Scam? (Ingredients Reviewed With Scientific Proof)
– Graphic Representation of the penis’ corpus cavernosum muscle.

Moreover, high nitric oxide levels in the blood regulate blood circulation, which fires up your energy level, so you can spend hours in bed without getting tired or losing your erection. Scientific research also backs this statement.

Furthermore, it helps reduce oxidative stress around the pelvic muscles and prostate gland. However, it is not intended to cure prostate disorders and pelvic infections. 

What are Red Boost Ingredients?

It seems that Red Boost blood flow support supplement is made of 5 hand-picked plant-based ingredients, which are known to the scientific community for their erectile dysfunction and libido enhancing properties.

Here’s Red Boost’s supplement facts label.

Red Boost Review: A Legit Formula or a Scam? (Ingredients Reviewed With Scientific Proof)
Red Boost Supplement Ingredient’s Label

This natural blend is then filled in a capsule made of gelatin. It also contains brown rice flour as an additional ingredient in small amounts

Moreover, it is free of any stimulating, habit-forming, and genetically modified agents.

The manufacturer states that it is an all-natural, risk-free, and scientifically proven formula to improve men’s strength.

Let’s examine further what these ingredients are and how they work to improve man’s sexual activity. (Number is brackets are links to scientific research).

Icariin (Horny Goat Weed)

Red Boost Hardwood tonic product contains 500 mg of Icariin. Icariin is a bioactive pharmaceutical constituent isolated from Chinese medicine Horny Goat Weed (Ying Yang Huo) [1].

It is a powerful antioxidant belonging to the class of flavonoids.

Icariin help to increase blood flow to the penis muscles and support genital health [2].

It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiapoptotic properties. It is scientifically proven to enhance sexual performance in men [3]

Herba Epimedii (Icariin-containing herb) has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries by both the Chinese and Indian civilizations. 

Tongkat Ali 

Red Boost per serving contains 50 mg of Tongkat Ali extract (Eurycoma longifolia Jack). It includes various bioactive compounds which have a boosting effect on the male sex hormones. It helps reduce oxidative stress in the pelvic muscles’ smooth tissues and raises the amount of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. [4]

Moreover, it is clinically proven to increase sexual performance, libido, orgasm intensity, and climax achieved in the sex in both men and women [5] [6].

However, Red Boost’s product isn’t recommended to improve female sex drive. 


Red boost blood support supplement contains 200 mg of fenugreek powder derived from Fenugreek seeds.

During a controlled experiment, the scientist found that men and women who use fenugreek powder daily have a significant boost in sex demand, satisfaction, and fertility (7).

Moreover, it has been used for centuries in the Indian Subcontinent to increase sperm amount and stamina in males.


Red Boost contains 200 mg of Citrulline content. It naturally occurs in some fruits.

Citrulline helps boost blood flow to every inch of the body, allowing healthy blood flow to the penis muscles, which helps get an erection harness and energy fire-up.

According to a study published in the medical journal Urology, oral citrulline supplementation is safe and effective in treating ED. It can improve erection hardness and works, especially if you have a mild case of ED [8].

Nettle Root

Red Boost dietary health supplement contains 100 mg of Nettle extract. Nettle Root has surprising benefits on the man’s sexual health ad genital organs.

A regular dosage of nettle extract helps to raise the male sex hormones, improve prostate gland health, ensure a stiff erection, and enhance reproductive health (9)

Red Boost is made of natural ingredients that are all backed by scientific evidence that help erectile disfunction, increase libido, increase sperm and fertility.

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What Are Red Boost Benefits?

Red Boost supplements contain the nutrients that support blood flow to every body part; this allows better absorption of nutrients and oxygen supply to the body. Your health improves overall when you have better oxygen regulation and nutrient assimilation. If the Red Boost provides what it claims, it could be a life-transforming product!

According to official sources, the following is the list of health benefits you can get with the regular use of Red Boost male health supplements:

  • Red Boost adds a pleasurable quality to your erection and sex life.
  • It helps increase youthful performance and stamina in your love life.
  • It supports healthy blood circulation.
  • With a regular dosage of Red Boost, you can experience more vitality and energy.
  • It helps increase sex drives.
  • Red Boost also helps in weight loss.
  • It helps lower sugar and salt craving.
  • Red Boost supports a healthy immune system.
  • It adds a powerful catalyst to your metabolism.
  • It helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Is Red Boost Better Than Other Supplements?

Okay, I can admit Red Boost is a good product, but what about other dietary supplements already best-selling and promoting man sexual health, such as VigRX Plus, Male Extra, Vasil, and Male Elongator? Is Red Boost actually better than other supplements in the market? 

I have found some important differences that can help you decide whether it is a decent product than its competitors or simply a hyped product.


Most male enhancement supplements have a chemical composition that also includes some stimulators, artificial flavors, chemically modified agents, and some toxins.

Some supplements may contain hidden ingredients, which can cause significant health risks; For example, the FDA has announced that Pro Solution Plus contains sildenafil which can interact with some drugs. 

Red Boost claims to be free of toxins and chemical ingredients, but it is not evaluated by the FDA. Nevertheless, users didn’t report any risk of serious health concerns with Red Boost ingredients. 


Most of the best-selling dietary male sex health supplements are effective in the treatment of erectile problems and male enhancement, but some may also come with a broad profile of side effects.

Moreover, their effectiveness may reduce as your body adapts to the drug, resulting in low performance. On the other hand, with every dose of Red Boost, you get an instant and steady amount of stamina.


Male enhancement supplements on Amazon are available at different prices. Some are priced below $10, while others are above $70.

Probably they differ in price due to their ingredients, authenticity, or effectiveness. Red Boost costs reasonably; if you get their best value package, you can get one bottle for $39, which is not a big deal if it delivers what it promises. 

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

From my research, Red Boost is the only one that offers a money back guarantee that long. For me that fact alone ads a big plus next to the word “trust”.

Where Can You Buy Red Boost?

Red Boost Review: A Legit Formula or a Scam? (Ingredients Reviewed With Scientific Proof)
– Red Boost Pricing Table | Source: Hardwoodtonic.com

Red Boost is exclusively available on their official website, which is hardwoodtonic.com.

Some Red Boost formulas are available on Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce sites at low prices, but these formulas’ composition is completely different from the original product.

So, I would suggest you buy the product from the official website, where it is available at affordable prices and you get advantage of the 180-day money back guarantee.

Here I have compared the Red Boost packages to make it easier to decide which is best for you. 

Package NameBottles IncludePriceBonus
Basic1 (1 month supply)$59 + holding and  shipping fee180 days money-back guarantee
Popular3 (3 month supply)$147 + holding and shipping fee ($49/bottle) 1 free bonus180 days money-back guarantee
Best Value6 (6 month supply)$234 ($39/bottle)Free delivery (only in the USA)2 free bonus180 days money-back guarantee

You get some price benefits when you order the Best Value Package from the official site ($39/ bottle price + free shipping + 2 bonuses). They have limited stock, so that you can have the capsule supply for six months, or if you are not happy with its results, ask for a 100% refund. 

Who Is Behind This Supplement?

Hardwood Tonic is the company behind this product, which has also published Hard Wood Tonic System before.

The system has a number of e-books and online guides on testosterone boosts, rejuvenation of sexual health, improvement in erection dysfunction, and male enhancement. 

Now it seems they jumped into the male enhancing supplements industry. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find any bad reviews about them around the web. If you do, make sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Final Take

I have tried my best to provide you with an unbiased Red Boost supplement review, so you can decide if this product is for you or not! I’ve reviewed countless of supplements and I can say with certainty (although not a doctor) that Red Boost seems safe and trusted.

Of course, purchasing this supplement is up to you, but I suggest that you consult a health expert before adding any dietary supplement to your stack.

You can include the Red Boost supplement to support your masculine strength; if it helps, it would be great; otherwise, ask for a refund.

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