What is the Red juice in steak?

Red Juice in Steak

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There is nothing better in this world than a big, fat, bloody and juicy Omaha steak. I mean, honestly, if my steak isn’t bloody, I don’t even care to have it, but this has me grossed out beyond repair. What is that Red Juice in Steak that is leaking from it?

Now, if you aren’t a big fan of a bloody Omaha steak and I guess in some cases even if you are – it already looks pretty gross. Of course, most of us are imagining it to be the blood from a cow, because that’s what it is, right?

Actually no. Read on

Red juice in steak

That liquid leaking from your steak, and covering your counters in a yucky puddle is a protein that is used in the cow’s body in order to deliver the oxygen from the cow’s lungs to its muscles.

However, when the meat is cut into, exposing the myoglobin to air, it turns into a rich red color that resembles blood.

Meat is composed of 5% fat/carbs/minerals, 20% protein and 75% water. When meat is frozen, the water crystallizes into ice. And when the ice melts it then carries the myoglobin, which has iron with it during its transport to the muscle. 

And as the meat is cooked, the redness begins to turn into a much darker color, turning the meat to gray color when fully cooked. To add to the red color, butchers add carbon monoxide to the meat, which gives it an even brighter redness, which makes it look fresh.

Of course, I don’t really care what color the liquid is that runs out of the meat as long as the flavor stays the same. And I mean, who cares if its blood or protein- it doesn’t change anything, so as far as I am concerned, pass the steak and I’ll add the seasonings!

I hope you understood by now what is the Red Juice in Steak that had you worried all that time. I would appreciate it if you shared this article with your friends and family who may have the same concerns about the Red Juice in Steak.


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