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Sciatic pain is a common health problem nowadays. The pain appears in the lower back, in the back of your thighs as well as bottom and goes down into the knee area.

Other areas which may suffer are the calves, heels etc. People often feel a tingling sensation.

The pain is caused by the sciatic nerves or otherwise called Nervus ischiadicus. This nerve is among the biggest nerves in the human body.

It is called sciatica pain and can be from mild to very severe. People who have severe pain can’t even do their everyday tasks.

Luckily, there are numerous therapies you could use to relieve this kind of pain or eliminate the inflammation. Some of the most effective methods include muscle manipulation and massage.

Some of the best and most effective therapies use one tennis ball with which you manipulate the piriformis muscle, but you also apply pressure.

This is the muscle that usually becomes inflamed. It presses the sciatic nerve and creates compression. The result is excruciating pain.

A tennis ball can help you relieve the aching muscles, but also improve the circulation.

Take a tennis ball and lie down on the floor. Put it under the lower portion of the back. Make sure it’s right under the muscles where you feel aching and tension. In case a greater area is affected, you can also use another ball.

Press the back in the ball very carefully. Start rolling it around very gently so that you can notice all the areas that are painful. These areas are the ones where you should use more pressure. Pressure each area for 20 seconds. Go up and down with the ball.

Remember: You must be careful! You need to be alleviated from the terrible pain. It shouldn’t be increased. You might feel uncomfortable, though.

Repeat it several times every day even though you feel intense pain. You can also use numerous other methods to treat sciatica. Many of them are natural and very simple to use.

Other Effective Treatments

Some people are relieved by using ice and heat therapies.

You can also try valerian root extract because it relieves tension, anxiolytic and anxiety problems.

There are also different plants you can use to decrease the inflammation. You’ll decrease the inflammation, but also feel really relaxed.

Use white willow bark because it has aspirin properties. It will also help you avoid all the harmful side-effects.

Treat inflammation with the help of turmeric, because it’s a non-steroidal agent.

Decrease the inflammation with the help of green tea which is abundant in antioxidants.

The capsaicin found in chili peppers can also help you against inflammation. You’ll feel like the area is heating and after a while, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

Note: You can also use NSAIDs to decrease the pain, but they can present various side-effects that will harm your digestive system. Patients who have certain disorders mustn’t use them.

Cautionary Note

With this exercise you’ll alleviate the tension and the muscle inflammation.

In case the pain you feel is because of some degenerative disc disease or maybe a slipped disc, you must consult a medical professional. You mustn’t do anything on your own!  

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