Repair The Joints And Remove The Pain Of Your Knees By Using 2 Eggs

Repair The Joints And Remove The Pain Of Your Knees By Using 2 Eggs

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Our knees are our most important joints because they help us walk and stand. We must take good care of them. We also need them for numerous everyday movements like: sitting, walking, running etc.

When they are inflamed, our mobility becomes decreased so we start having troubles. We need to eliminate the inflammation fast because they might be damaged if we don’t.

Today, we’re presenting you an interesting natural remedy that will help you against knee inflammation and eliminate the pain really fast! Knee pain can also be caused by arthritis, too much effort, injuries and obesity.

Here’s our recipe!  

  • 1 egg yolk
  • Elastic bandage
  • 2 teaspoons of salt

Combine the salt along with an egg yolk that you’ll beat. It’s that easy!

How Do We Use The Remedy?

Take a cotton pad and put some of the mixture on it. Then, put it on the knee that hurts and tighten it using the elastic bandage.

Leave the cotton pad to act for at least 2 hours.

Repeat the method using fresh compresses 4 times every day!

How Can The Treatment Help?

Inflammation is what causes pain. It can be calmed down using magnesium that the salt contains abundantly.

There are a lot of minerals and proteins in the egg yolk. We can ingest them through our skin and they’ll help us have stronger bones, ligaments and healthier tissues.


You can also calm down the pain by using an ice pack that you’ll put on your knee for a while. You can use this method 5 times every day.

You can also soothe your knees by applying mustard essential oil. Massage it well and you’ll have improved circulation and eliminated inflammation!


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