Start Eating These Foods The Moment You Notice Your Vision Getting Worse

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Vitamin A’s Link to Eye Health

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that has been associated with a number of health benefits, especially for our eyes. Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin A will keep your eye health in check. Vitamin A-rich foods will also prevent eye inflammation and conditions such as dry eyes, while also helping with the prevention of night blindness.

Don’t worry – you won’t have to eat bland, tasteless foods to get more vitamin A in your system. In fact, there are quite a lot of foods rich in this nutrient that are delicious and can be consumed in a number of ways.

Vitamin A-Rich Foods

Iceberg Lettuce

Dark leafy green veggies are champions among healthy foods. Iceberg lettuce, though, has a lot of vitamin A (and other nutrients) even if its lighter in color. Plus, it’s delicious. Just put some in your sandwich and it’ll give it a nice refreshing taste while providing your body with the essential nutrient.

Nutritional profile: 361 UI vitamin A per cup, 10 calories

Red Peppers

Red peppers are full of vitamins A and C as well as other nutrients our body needs on a daily basis. Just add some in your meals and you’ll see and feel the difference it makes.

Nutritional profile: 2081 UI vitamin A per tablespoon, 15 calories


Just like red peppers, paprika is also full of the essential vitamin. The red spice can be easily incorporated in your diet. Add it to stews for a stingier and fuller taste or sprinkle it on baked potatoes – it will make them taste like heaven.

Nutritional profile: 3448 UI vitamin A per tablespoon, 20 calories

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a tasty side or main dish that will give your body a variety of nutrients. They are also pretty versatile when it comes to preparation, and can be consumed in a number of ways.

Nutritional profile: 21909 vitamin UI vitamin A per medium-sized sweet potato, 103 calories.

Turkey Liver

Although most people will throw it away, turkey liver is an excellent source of vitamin A. It also contains several other vitamins and minerals, so make sure not to throw it out.

Nutritional profile: 75333 UI vitamin A per 100 gr., 273 calories


People nowadays prefer skim milk as they consider regular milk unhealthy. That’s not true. Although it does contain more fat than skim milk, regular milk is full of vitamins A and D as well as calcium. You can drink it every day or prepare tasty desserts with it.

Nutritional profile: 395 UI vitamin A per cup, 146 calories.

Butternut Squash

Be honest – when’s the last time you ate butternut squash? This healthy veggie is often overlooked in favor of others which is wrong. Butternut squash is full of essential vitamins and minerals and will provide more than your daily recommended amount of vitamin A. Plus, it’ll also provide you with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and other nutrients.

Nutritional profile: 22868 UI vitamin A per cup, 82 calories

Dry Basil

Even though mostly used as a spice, dry basil is actually very beneficial for our health. Full of nutrients such as vitamin A, it’s perfect for our eyes and other important organs. Use it in every meal – it gives everything much better taste.

Nutritional profile: 744 UI vitamin A per 100 gr., 251 calories


Kale always comes up in superfood discussion. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A and low in calories, it is the perfect food for losing weight. Add more kale in your diet starting today. Just make tasty salads with it or add it to green smoothies.

Nutritional profile: 10302 UI vitamin A per cup, 34 calories


Green peas are the perfect side dish to every meal. They’re also very healthy, full of vitamins A, B, C, and K and a variety of nutrients as well. If you’re planning on starting a healthy diet, peas are a must.

Nutritional profile: 1680 UI vitamin A per ½ a cup, 62 calories.


Tomatoes are actually not a vegetable but a fruit, but it matters not. They are still full of antioxidants such as vitamin A and lycopene and can do our health a lot of good. Add them to your diet and your eye health will significantly improve.

Nutritional profile: 1025 UI vitamin A per medium tomato, 22 calories


Peaches are a great source of many nutrients. The list includes vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and iron. A small peach will provide you with 10% of the RDA of vitamin A, which is great. Plus, they’re sweet.

Nutritional profile: 489 UI vitamin A per medium peach, 59 calories.


The tropical wonder fruit can rightfully be called a superfood. Rich in rare enzymes and a variety of vitamins and minerals, papaya is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. Thanks to the high amount of vitamin A, it’s also great for your eyes.

Nutritional profile: 1444 UI vitamin A per small papaya, 59 calories.

Fortified Oatmeal

Fortified oatmeal (yes, those bags you can get in the store), are full of vitamin A and many other nutrients. A cup of cooked fortified oatmeal will provide your body with 30% of the RDA of vitamin A, which is more than enough. Plus, all the fiber in it will do wonders for your digestion.

Nutritional profile: 1453 UI vitamin A per cup, 159 calories.


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