Stop Pouring Leftover Pickle Juice Down The Drain. Here Are 13 Unexpected Ways To Use It At Home

Stop Pouring Leftover Pickle Juice Down The Drain. Here Are 13 Unexpected Ways To Use It At Home

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What Are Pickles?

Pickles are among the most popular fermented foods around the world. The vegetable is usually left to ferment in brine, vinegar or some other solution. The crunchy and sour taste is a favorite of thousands and is especially popular in Eastern Europe.

Pickles are usually consumed in the winter thanks to their high vitamin C content. They go great with stews and other types of food, although many people like to eat them on their own. The lacto-fermentation makes the pickles great for our health. In fact, fermented foods have much more benefits for our health than other types of food, especially regarding the immune system.

And, although we love pickles, we must all agree that we throw away the pickle juice down the drain when we’re done with the food. That’s wrong. As a matter of fact, pickle juice has just as many (maybe even more) health benefits as the pickles themselves, which is why we should consume it more often.

Unusual Uses for Pickle Juice You Weren’t Aware Of

Prevents Stomach Cramps

Did you know that drinking pickle juice can stop stomach cramps? The probiotics in the juice will boost your digestion almost instantly, effectively stopping the cramps and pain.

Treats Heartburn

If you’re often suffering from heartburn and you can’t seem to find a solution, try pickle juice. Just a teaspoon should be able to help instantly.

Great Hangover Cure

Drank a bit too much last night? Drink a glass of pickle juice in the morning. It will “fill” your body up with electrolytes and raise your sodium and potassium levels, effectively subduing your hangover.

Soothes Sunburns

Thanks to its cooling sensation, rubbing a bit of pickle juice lightly on sunburn skin can provide relief.

Relieves Muscle Cramps

Whenever you experience muscle cramps, drink a glass of water with some pickle juice. Due to the high salt content, the juice will quickly be absorbed into the body and eliminate the cramps.

Eliminates Bad Breath

Pickle juice has powerful antibacterial properties that can destroy the bacteria in your oral cavity and eliminate bad breath.

Helps Soothe a Sore Throat

Take a few tablespoons of pickle juice every day to heal a sore throat and prevent its recurrence.

Treats Hiccups

Hiccups are really tough to treat, but pickle juice can help. Instead of water and sugar, drink a teaspoon of pickle juice or two – it should stop them in their tracks.

Great Defroster

Here’s one you surely haven’t heard about. Pickle juice is a very powerful defroster – you can pour it on your frozen patio in the winter for a quick and easy defrost fix.

Eliminates Weeds

The acidity of the juice can easily eradicate weeds and keep your garden safe from them.

A Great Addition to Many Recipes and Drinks

Did you know that you can use pickle juice in different recipes? It works great for vodka cocktails and as a meat marinade, while also giving fries a great flavor.


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