Study Finds Medicinal Cannabis Can Be Used to Treat Obesity, Says San Diego University


As you will have noticed, there has been a lot of coverage regarding the benefits of cannabis and its effects in treating many ailments and illnesses in recent months. Focus has turned to how it can be leveraged in the fight against obesity. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to outline exactly how cannabis can be used for this purpose, whilst also attempting to dispel many of the myths that exist.

One of the myths with regards to cannabis is that many people believe that all cannabis strains increase appetite (the cannabis “munchies”). While some strains are known to do this, some strains are thought to help reduce weight.

In fact, this was backed up in a study completed by a University based in San Diego earlier this year. They carried out their research in a state where medicinal marijuana was allowed, and they identified that there was a noticeable decline in the levels of people who were described as obese, compared to states where cannabis was not allowed.

When these cannabis laws were relaxed in the states where cannabis was previously illegal, they found that the introduction of cannabis led to a 6% fall in the levels of obesity in these states. A cost saving can be attributed to this decline and it is thought that it would save the health service between $55 and $120 for every person within the state.

medicinal marijuana strains

If it can be proven that this reduction in obesity can be attributed to cannabis, then we feel that it could allow medicinal and recreational usage of cannabis right across the USA.

While cannabis can play an important role in the fight to lose weight, we recommend that you should use it in conjunction with other dieting practices. Using cannabis for the purposes of weight loss will not work on its own, so make sure you implement a calorie-controlled diet.

If you have used cannabis for weight loss, please let us know how you got on so we can take a look at other user’s experiences. The more anecdotal evidence that exists could lead to further studies taking place to allow cannabis to be used as a verifiable treatment for obesity. For more information, we would recommend you check out


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