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Four Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Body Through Your Feet

What is Reflexology? Have you heard of reflexology? This ancient Chinese therapy (also known as zone therapy) is a form of alternative medicine that relies on applying pressure on certain points of the body in order to relieve medical conditions. Although still considered fringe science, reflexology has been used for millennia, with even medicine starting to accept its benefits. Reflexology claims that the body is separated into certain zones with “points” that can be influenced in order to relieve certain conditions and disorders. Apart from “treating” various disorders, reflexology can...
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Your Body Will Experience These Benefits If You Eat Celery for 1 Week!

Celery is a green vegetable which is crunchy, stingy and full of water, but it doesn’t have some flavor. Many people don’t like it because of that, but it’s extremely healthy. You can use it cooked, raw, in dips etc. Eating a stalk of celery can help you burn numerous calories. Still, even though it helps you fight calories, people still don’t like to eat it. Celery also helps you lose weight, decrease arthritis pain, lower your levels of cholesterol, decrease blood pressure. Today, we’re presenting you some of the...
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This Sweet Potato Juice Will Clean Your Body and Boost Your Eyesight

What do you like more – sweet or regular potatoes? We guess it’s the latter. It’s not your fault – sweet potatoes are a criminally overlooked vegetable. It’s really a shame since they’re far healthier than regular potatoes and have numerous benefits for our health. First and foremost, they’re home to a variety of vitamins and minerals. The nutritional profile of sweet potatoes makes them a perfect anti-diabetic food, but they’re great for your overall health, not just your blood sugar levels. And that’s only for starters – the benefits...
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These Foods Will Naturally Remove Excess Mucus from Your Body

Mucus is an airway surface liquid (ASL) in the human respiratory system that protects the lungs by trapping foreign particles. It can actually be called the body’s protection system from viruses and bacteria and is not harmful in any way when produced in normal amounts. However, the body produces extra mucus in cases of flu and colds which blocks our airways and causes difficulty breathing and other problems. The overproduction of this fluid is pretty irritating. It’s not just not being able to breathe – it can trigger a variety...
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Never Sleep On The Right Side Of Your Body

According to statistics, more than 40% of Americans sleep less than the recommended time. Insomnia is a big sleeping problem nowadays. Apart from leaving you with no energy in the morning, it has also been linked to obesity, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. Sometimes, however, even when we get enough sleep overnight (7-8 hours), we may still feel very tired. It’s not the mattress or pillow – the fatigue may actually come from the position we sleep in. Experts say that how we sleep is just as important...
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