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Maintaining a mindful connection between a person’s breath and the present moment requires commitment and patience. Meditation tools are easy to use and are beneficial since they calm your mind and help in maintaining focus. Acquiring one or more meditation tools can increase your comfort, strengthen your focus and improve your success at meditating.

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Here are the best nine tools of meditation:

Mala Prayer Beads

Mala beads

A mala is a string of prayer beads. They come in different sizes, and different materials can be used to make them. They are beautiful and the most useful things that are used in regular meditation. There are several different ways to use mala meditation beads. The person meditating can count the number of times they have recited a mantra. It also helps in counting the number of breaths that you will take.

Malas remind you to meditate and deepens meditation. It helps to track the mantras you’ve repeated, which helps to free the mind. Also, gemstone mala brings a sensation of healing.

Meditation Cushion or bench

Meditation cushions can be used together with a bench or alone. The most important part is that it should be comfortable. Using a bench or a cushion helps you to maintain the stillness of the body, which will translate to a still mind. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate.

An advantage of having a meditation cushion is that it is portable. You can carry your tool and be comfortable anywhere as you meditate. There are many different shapes, styles and types of meditation cushions to choose from.

Tibetan Singing Bowl or Gong

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are not only musical instruments, but they have been proven scientifically to change the brain waves. They help you be in the mood for meditation, especially in cases where you need to create an intention or center yourself.


Altars can either be natural materials or man-made. They are universally present in almost all cultures and religions.

Creating an altar is helpful as it provides a powerful focal point for your energy. It offers a feeling of empowerment through self- expression. It helps to cultivate mindfulness.

Meditation Shawl

Meditation Shawls are normally made from silk or cotton. The fabric used in making meditation shawls provides comfort and warmth. They are powerful meditation tools since they are comfortable and help you to center your thoughts.

Meditation Music

Music is not only used as a source of entertainment, but it is a powerful tool of meditation. You must ensure that the music you’ve chosen will give you a calm mind. Music should also help you focus on it to be considered as meditation music.

Incense or Essential Oil Diffuser

Aroma essential oil diffuser

Incense is more than often found in homes, personal altars, and centers of worship. It is made up of a combination of oils and spices. Burning of incense is considered as an offering to religious figures. It is also a way of clearing any negativity within your space. The lighting of incense is a practice that helps you to direct your focus to the ritual and it also clears your thoughts.

Essential oil diffusers are also meditation tools. Essential oils help to clear the mind and in most cases, they have healing properties.

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Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheels can be fixed or handheld objects. They consist of a cylinder and a handle. The handle acts as the axis around which the cylinder spins. In the cylinders, there are rolled scriptures that have mantras or Buddhist prayer that help in calming the mind.


Lighting a candle and focusing on the flame helps you to clear your mind and increases your ability to focus.

Take Away

Meditation is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. Learning to be present and grounded helps in making it easier to manage day-to-day stresses.

Meditation tools are simple and an affordable way of helping you focus on your practice. They do so by improving your posture, adds comfort, or help you to direct your attention. They possess ancient wisdom that helps in focusing on meditation over the years.

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