The Earliest Signs of Dehydration and How to Fix It

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What is Dehydration?

You know that feeling when your lips are dry and you just feel like drinking water? Those are the first signs of dehydration. Although not life-threatening at first, dehydration can have serious consequences. In severe cases, it may even be deadly, although you get many chances to “fix” it before things take an ugly turn.

Two-thirds of our body is actually made of water. Water keeps things in our body functioning. It lubricates our joints and plays a key role in digestion and detoxification. It’s safe to say that it’s among the most important things our body needs on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, most people just don’t realize how important water is for our health.

How to Recognize Dehydration Early?

The good news is that there are many signs which can indicate that you’re dehydrated. As soon as you notice them, the solution is simple – just start drinking water.

Dry Skin

Did you know that the skin is made of 30% water? Water keeps our skin elastic and plump. In cases of dehydration, the skin will become dry and brittle, resulting in itchy and flaky skin. Our skin cells lose fluids first during dehydration in order to favor fluid retention in key organs. So, if you want to keep your skin looking good, drink plenty of water every day.

Brain Fog

Lack of water has an effect on our cognitive function as well. Even mild dehydration can lead to brain fog and low energy levels, which itself can lead to a lot of confusion and anxiety. Drink enough water every day and you will keep your mind as sharp as ever.


The human brain sits in a sack of fluid that prevents it from hitting the skull and getting damaged. When you’re dehydrated, the fluid in this sack is significantly reduced, resulting in the brain pushing against the skull. This will inevitably lead to headaches. If you’re often getting them without a reason, you may be dehydrated.

Poor Digestion

We already mentioned that water is key to our digestion. Water helps our body break down food and helps the colon absorb nutrients. It also preserves our stool consistency, so whenever you’re dehydrated, your digestion is going to suffer.


Being tired after working too hard is normal – the human body can only take so much. However, low levels of water can drop your blood volume and pressure, making you feel lethargic and very tired. This will lead to problems at work and a variety of other issues, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Water lubricates our joints and muscles and keeps them moving. It’s absolutely vital for our cartilage as well and keeps inflammation away. If the joints and muscles are not properly hydrated, it will result in inflammation and pain as a result of it.

Food Cravings

Stay properly hydrated and you won’t crave any cookie you see. Food and sugar cravings are associated with dehydration as the body experiences difficulties to produce glycogen when lacking water. So, instead of eating junk food whenever you’re feeling hungry, go for a glass of water. You might not have been hungry in the first place.

Bad Breath

The saliva in our mouth protects our teeth from decay and prevents cavities. As it’s a fluid, it depends on water directly. When you’re dehydrated, your body won’t be able to produce saliva. As a result, you will experience bad breath and even bigger problems if you don’t rehydrate your body.

Irregular Heart Rhythm

Fail to hydrate your body properly and your heart will skip a beat. Heart palpitations are often caused by lack of water, which is directly related to low potassium and sugar levels. Drink more water and the problem will eventually go away.

Dark Urine

Last, but not least, you can easily tell if you’re dehydrated by taking a look at your urine. When dehydrated, your urine will become dark and even foamy in severe cases. As soon as you notice this symptom, start drinking water right away.

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