These Exercises Will Keep You in Shape If You’re a Woman Over 40

Can We Stop Aging?

Unfortunately, aging can’t be stopped. It’s a natural process that can be wonderful until it takes an ugly turn. Some people can age well, but others are not so blessed. Many people start losing muscle definition as they age and nothing works in their body as it should. With each passing year, our body is deteriorating slightly. This goes especially for women over 40.

The changes in our body over the age of 40 require different lifestyle and diet changes. First and foremost, if you want to stay good-looking over the age of 40, you’ll have to change your workout routine.

Maintaining Your Form After 40

Keeping your body in shape is especially hard over 40. As we said, our muscle density and volume decreases, and not maintaining proper form due to it can make things harder. Properly doing your exercises becomes very important once you keep 40 – it’s the only thing that keeps your body in shape.

Due to the higher risk of injuries, women after 40 should follow a proper workout routine and work on the exercise form. If you injure yourself due to improper exercise form, the injury can become chronic, ruining your life once and for all.

Beginners should take things slowly. They should skip boot camp and HIIT exercises and stick to lighter routines. Just take things slow and work on your form – it should keep you safe from injuries.

Strength Training Over 40

Unlike your younger years, you should focus on strength training once you hit 40. Contrary to what people think, strength training is great for women over 40. Once they hit menopause, women start losing estrogen, the hormone that keeps their bones safe from fractures. The bone density starts deteriorating after 40, which is why women at this age need to stick to strength training.

The exercises you can see below will improve the density of your bones and prevent the muscle loss caused by aging. The workout routine will keep you strong and prevent bone diseases such as sarcopenia.

Additionally, strength training will also lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, so it has a long list of benefits.

5 Best Exercises for Women Over 40


Burpees are fun, simple, and most importantly, great for your muscles and bones. To do them, go down in a squat, jump into a plank and get into a pushup position. Now, go in reverse – jump back to plank, then back to a squat. Relax for a few seconds, then repeat the process 10 times or more.

Leg Raises

Although they might not look like much, leg raises will strengthen your core, buttocks, and legs. Just lie down on your back and keep your legs together, then raise them up slowly. Bring them down a few inches from the ground, then go back up. You need 5-10 repetition and a few sets daily for best results.


You’ve surely heard about squats by now. Stand upright with your legs shoulder-width apart, then bring your arms in front and start lowering your body at the hips. Go down until your hips are below your knees, then go back up. Do 10-15 repetitions or as many as you can.


Just like the squats, lunges are great for your legs and buttocks as well as your core. Stand upright with your back straight and your head and chin pointing ahead. Now, step forward with one of your legs until your other knee almost touches the ground, then switch sides. Do 5-10 repetitions, then raise the intensity a bit every day.


You all know how to do planks, so we’re not going to tell you how to do them. Just make sure to keep your back straight and increase the duration of a plank by 5-10 seconds every day. In just a few short weeks you’ll start noticing the results.


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